Molecular Lab Unit

  • Molecular diagnostics has been evolving over the years in India. Many organizations both in the private and government sector have been providing the benefits to patients as there is a quicker turnaround time, increase in sensitivities and accuracy. Technology has greatly helped improve many tests in the area of infectious markers, as well as in oncology /genetic disorders. New emerging technologies, and innovations and expanded applications for various tests shall help researchers and subsequently the organization reap the growth in revenue it may bring in the field.
  • At Max Healthcare, Max Labs are fully automated with state-of-art technology and infrastructure having Bio Safety Level–III (BSL III) and Bio Safety Level–II (BSL II) facility to carry out high-end molecular diagnostic tests. With highly trained staff, standardised processes, protocols and high – end quality, Max labs also engages in Bio molecular and Genetic research and collaboration with national and International research institute.