Gastrointestinal Surgery


Digestive tract surgery has witnessed several path breaking developments over the last couple of decades. With advancement in the available technology (particularly in imaging, anesthesia and postoperative care) several existing surgical procedures were refined and a number of innovative operations were introduced. To assimilate these developments, specialized digestive tract surgery for cancer and benign diseases has evolved as the super specialty of Surgical Gastroenterology (SGE).

The emergence of a specialized SGE team committed only towards the management of digestive tract ailments led to an improved understanding of various disease processes and their treatment.

Centralization of patients in SGE facility led to performance of seemingly complex surgical procedure with ease. The incidence and severity of procedure related adverse events were significantly reduced. Together with an early recognition and better management of such events there was an overall superior postsurgical and long-term outcome at dedicated SGE facilities.

Last decade witnessed the introduction of laparoscopic surgery for digestive tract cancers and recently robot assisted surgery.

Gastrointestinal Surgery: Condition & Treatments

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