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What strategies can I follow to improve my quality of life? While everyone follows a unique and different lifestyle, there are several ways to enhance your current lifestyle. Some of the strategies are: Liveliness habits Effective time management – time management is a very vital aspect when it comes to maintaining a standard of living. It is important to prioritize work based on urgency or importance otherwise, it will lead to stress which has a negative impact on your health. Also ensure that you cut out bad habits like procrastination, watching too much TV etc. Get adequate sleep – Getting enough sleep gives our body time to recharge, unwind and rest. Not getting enough sleep results in exhaustion and affects our efficiency both physically and mentally. Eat Healthy Food – Eating healthy food keeps your body energized and hydrated. It is important that you eat fruits, vegetables, peppers, dry fruits and spices regularly as they have vital everyday nutrients and minerals to keep the body in good shape. Exercise –Exercising for about 20-30 minutes during the day keeps your brain and body active. Find a simple exercise like walking, jogging, yoga, light weights etc. and start a regime. Start off slow and gradually increase exercising over time. Set attainable goals – Make sure you set goals which can be achieved, be it small daily goals or long term goals. Experiment with different way to approach these goals. Consider focusing on the easier tasks firsts and then slowly improve your momentum. Leisure Habits Be organized – Keep your surroundings clean and well organized wherever possible. But organized is just not about keeping your surroundings organized but also developing inculcating habits which add to your sense of clarity Socialize – while it is important to pay attention to oneself, it is equally important to give attention to others around us Happiness Habits Meditate –Benefits associated with meditation include – an improved sense of relaxation, lower levels of perceived stress, increased self-confidence, positive thoughts, compassion and understanding of oneself and others around. Meditation should be done at an appointed time daily to get into a meditative mood without much effort. Also attempt to sit in the same place if possible to get you going easily. Connecting with fellow beings – by spreading love and happiness to our friends and family, this helps in our emotional and mental state of mind and brings out a positive effect not only in our minds but to others as well. Living with a positive mindset enhances our ability to bear more pressure, stress and anxiety and deal with the problem in a more effective manner.

Counselling helps in dealing with situations which cause emotional stress or problems which make you feel very uncomfortable. By having counselling sessions, you are able to attend to your problems better. It will help you to:

  • Make you feel more confident about yourself
  • Deal with depression and sadness and help give a better outlook on life
  • Help you cope with work related stress
  • Confront your feelings in a particular situation

Every person has their individual level of stress and has different ways of dealing and coping up with stress. So there are no pre-determined techniques to deal with stress.  Some methods which you can try and inculcate are

  • Do something that interests you -  As busy as you are, try and take out time to pursue something apart from work and which you enjoy doing like some hobby, playing with your pets, volunteering work etc
  • Meditate – Meditation really helps you in clearing your mind and you are able to focus on the things that happening right now. It also helps in dealing with stress effectively.
  • Exercise – Exercising helps you in focusing on other aspects of your body to develop which contributes to tackling stress. Regular exercises like walking, jogging or even doing household jobs can help fight stress
  • Get the right amount of sleep – Overworking or over burdening yourself is one of the major factors which adds to stress levels and eats up our sleep time. Not getting enough sleep will not give you the energy to deal with the existing stress or more that may pile up later on. Ensure that you get atleast 8 hours of sleep for your brain and body to get enough rest and deal with the situation as and when they come.

We do provide treatment for mental disorders. The best advice would be to visit the doctor in case of such situations as they will be able to analyze the case in more depth and offer more accurate treatment methods. However some common approaches to treat mental disorders are

  • Medications
    • Anti-depressants
    • Anti-anxiety medications
    • Mood treating medications
  • Psychotherapy
  • Home treatment programs
  • Brain stimulating treatments
  • Prevention is the key to stay healthy and happy, so plan to prevent the toxic build up.  For this you need to get rid of all irregular habits specifically linked to diet, work, sleep and even use of  excessive technology  
  • Follow a   regular  diet and a healthy lifestyle  routine 
  • Exercise daily to improve digestion and elimination of toxins. Even 1000  brisk steps a day will do the trick 
  • Proper and adequate sleep at night
  • Meditate after a days’ work or  unwind with something that will lighten up your mood  like  listening  to your favorite  music, cuddling  a pet that you have at home
  • Sufficient use of spices having enough micro nutrients and vitamins that we regularly need on a daily basis. These will help to promote good health. 
  • Fasting with only liquid diet and fruits only once a month .Fix a day as per your convenience and follow it regularly.
  • Practice Yoga and Pranayama  under supervision  to start with  till you master the art  and make it a part of your daily routine  that will work towards a healthy  body and a very positive mind
  • Acts of  kindness, compassion  and feeling optimistic  and grateful   will  have a positive impact on your mood  and make you happy   and  healthy  

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