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Cancer Pain

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Pain in cancer patients may arise due to many reasons. It may be:

  • Related to cancer itself or its spread to other body parts. Pain is often the presenting complain leading to diagnosis of cancer
  • A later presentation due to side effect of treatments received such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy or surgery
  • A result of extra stress placed on other body parts such as shoulder pain due to using of a stick for walking
  • Totally unrelated coincidental problem such as arthritis

In cancer patient’s different types of pain may coexist. It is not just limited to pain arising from inflammation and tissue damage for example cancer of pancreas spreading to neighbouring organs and nerves leading to visceral and neuropathic pain respectively and a distant spread to bones producing bone pain. Different types of pain present differently for example

  • Neuropathic/ Nerve pain is generally described as burning, shooting, electric shock like or stabbing pain with associated tingling or numbness
  • Visceral Pain originates from viscera (organs in body cavity) and is generally described as deep aching, squeezing and cramping sensation.
  • Bone pain presents as an aching, throbbing sensation. Some cancers have a preference to spread to bones.


Pain relief needs to be individually tailored depending on the cause, severity and duration of pain. In most cases a reasonable control can be achieved by using a combination of methods. Multimodal, Multi disciplinary approach provides the opportunity to maximise pain relief and provide support not only for the physical needs but also for the emotional, spiritual and social needs.

Some of the management options available via pain clinic are:

  • Medications management –this involves using different classes of medications to optimise the pain control. Using a combination of drugs helps to minimise side effects and maximise the benefits. Whilst considering the drug therapy many factors need to be considered like type of pain, cause and severity of pain, other medical problems and medications being used, medications tried previously, pre existing nausea/vomiting, constipation, ability to take and absorb medications, liver and kidney function etc.
  • Injections including
    • Nerve blocks– majority of nerves can be targeted safely e.g. Pudendal nerve for perineal or rectal pain, suprascapular nerve for shoulder pain ,pectoral nerves for chest wall pain
    • Neurolytic procedures e.g. Celiac plexus, Splanchnic nerves, Hypogastric plexus, Lumbar sympathetic, Ganglion Impar etc
    • Radiofrequency procedures e.g. Intercostal nerve block and radiofrequency for chest wall pain
    • Drug infusions
    • Spinal and Joint injections e.g. epidural
  • Physiotherapy
  • Psychology – cancer is often accompanied by anxiety, depression and fear of the worst. Psychologist can help analysing these thoughts rationally and developing a positive approach. They can help by teaching relaxation techniques, coping strategies and by reducing the effect of mood on pain.
  • Complementary and Alternative therapies including Acupuncture, TENS, meditation, Ayurveda and Wellness
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