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Bio Medical Waste Report For Shalimar Bagh

Month Red Autoclave(Infected Plastic Waste) Yellow- Incineration(AnatomicalWaste & Soiled Waste) Blue Autoclave (Glass- Bottles) Black Cytotoxic- Incineration( Cytotoxic Contaminated Items) White- Sharp Total Bags Total Weight(In KG's)
  No. of Bags Weight (in KG's) No. of Bags Weight (in KG's) No. of Bags Weight (in KG's) No. of Bags Weight (in KG's) No. of Bags Weight (in KG's)    
Apr-17 924 2963.50 954 2994.10 239 1017.30 103 279.20 1645 606.40 3865 7861.00
May-17 1175 4624.12 1028 3498.40 276 1524.34 87 195.01 1803 823.85 4369 10665.71
Jun-17 1060 4511.45 902 2886.66 293 1324.05 76 194.00 2057 1100.69 4388 10016.85
Jul-17                     0 0.00
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YTD 3159 12099.065 2884 9379.155 808 3865.69 266 668.705 5505 2530.94 12622 28543.555

Cardiac Sciences

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Clinical Directorate

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Max Institute of Cardiac Sciences strives to provide patients with expert treatment and care. We believe in offering the patients with an ethical and open environment to recover. Our team of expert cardiologists and cardiac surgeons believes in carrying out an in-depth investigation of patient condition taking into account patient’s complete medical history, therefore strategizing a tailored treatment and recovery plan for each.

Our expertise in cardiac care helps us in caring for patients with heart disease by providing complete all-round care. From diagnosis, prevention, treatment, surgical care to cardiac rehabilitation and wellness services, we look after your heart A to Z.

Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women. Most people who develop heart disease have one or major risk factors that are within their power to change. These include smoking, high blood pressure, uncontrolled sugar, abnormal cholesterol levels and stress. It’s important to tackle these risk factors.

Started about 60 years back, cardiac surgeries have come a long way. Broadly heart surgeries can be divided into:

  • Congenital
  • Adults
  • Miscellaneous  Procedures

The congenital diseases are present from birth-there can be heart holes, blue babies and other wrong corrections in the vessels. But all congenital heart diseases can be corrected.

Adult Cardiac Diseases:

You must know that pacemakers are surgically implanted devices that generate electrical impulses to treat irregular or stalled heart beats. More than 1 million people across the world are implanted with pacemakers each year. We introduce a new pacemaker "Micra"- an inch-long device that does not require the use of wired leads in order to provide an electrical connection between the pulse-generating device and heart. 

Traditional Pacemaker v/s Micra

Rahul, a 35 year old engineer, was suffering from fever and cough. He was visiting his family physician for the last 5 days because his fever was not receding despite medication. He became very weak and was struggling to breathe. He was rushed to the nearest hospital, where the physician placed him on an artificial breathing device. However, Rahul was not receiving sufficient oxygen since he was suffering from an “ARDS” (Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome). This acute disease led to the failure of kidney, liver and lungs.

Our healthy lifestyle has come to a halt. Our work leaves us with no time to involve ourselves in physical activities. This is affecting us today with chronic heart diseases, cancers, mental disturbances, diabetes, and several hormonal imbalances. All of this can be prevented by planning and executing a proper health check-up to prevent the disease from spreading. Therefore, it is important to go for yearly or monthly preventive tests to increase chances for treatment and cure. How often you need assistance depends on your age, family history, and how often you smoke.

MetS, popularly known as Metabolic Syndrome, is often associated with obesity, low birth weight, increased gain in body mass in early childhood, decreased pubertal insulin sensitivity and clinical markers of insulin resistance.

The human heart is a relentless organ that works round-the-clock to keep us alive and healthy. A normal human heart pumps close to 2000 gallons of blood in a day while beating about 1,00,000 times a day. Despite its amazing functions, the care that a heart receives is very less. Do you know that in India one person dies every 33 seconds due to heart attack?

What causes heart diseases?

Imagine yourself sitting in a closed room on a comfortable couch listening to your favourite piece of music. Melody and harmony both are in perfect synchronization and suddenly you feel something going off the beat. Do you remember the feeling how your ears feel assaulted! This is exactly what happens when strings of the chord gets detached. Annoying and irritating…Sometimes shocking and hassled.

Is it possible to have a heart attack in winter? Yes. Not only heart attack but several conditions like cough, cold, influenza, and pneumonia can get worse during winters. Similarly, joint pains and arthritis can aggravate in this season.

Blood vessels consist of arteries and arterioles that are responsible for carrying blood away from the heart. They pulsate and carry oxygen rich blood while veins are responsible for bringing back blood to the heart. Capillaries are minute vessels that connect the artery and veins in any organ.

Ah-choo! Cold weather can be upsetting for your little one. You may often find him/her sneezing, coughing, wheezing and most of all CRANKY!

As and when the weather gets cooler, the impact is felt by all of us. Winter is the season of respiratory illness especially in infants and young children. So a natural question arises- how can illnesses like flu and RSV affect children with Congenital Heart Disease (CHD).

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