Da Vinci Xi Robotic System

Da Vinci XI Robotics system is the next frontier for minimally invasive surgery. The surgeons operate through a few incisions by utilizing a high resolution 3D vision system, which allows the surgeons to view anatomical structures in natural colors. During an operative procedure, the surgeon sits at a control console and observes the operative field through a video monitor and manually controls the robotic arms which replicate hand movement of surgeon. It features small wristed instruments that bend and rotates greater than the human hand providing a superior precision and control to the surgeon. Today, surgeons are using Da Vinci Surgical System on patients who are diagnosed with several complex conditions like urological procedures, cancers of cervix, prostate, lung, uterus, colon/rectum as well as heart disease and fibroid tumors.

It provides a natural hand-eye positioning coordination plus the built in microphone facilitates efficient communication in operation theatre. The precision is ideal for use in complex surgeries because it would allow surgeons to avoid nerves and organs. These small incisions allow the patient to resume his normal activities. In addition, there is less blood loss which helps the patients to regain strength and stamina over a period of time. This technology is a quantum jump in the way surgical procedures are carried out with superior patient outcomes. 

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