Remote Monitoring System

Meet Remote Monitoring System by Vios  - the patient monitoring solution that’s disrupting the way healthcare is being delivered today.
The Remote Monitoring System is a wireless, FDA-cleared, IoT vitals monitoring platform that is designed to work across the continuum of care.  The technology empowers the doctors to continuously monitor a patient’s seven vital signs such as the 7-lead ECG, heart rate, respiratory rate, pulse rate, SpO2, non-invasive blood pressure, and posture.
Together, the Chest Sensor, Bedside Monitor, and Central Station Monitor enable continuous monitoring in any hospital environment giving the patient ICU-like monitoring in a non- ICU set up. 
It increases patient safety by alerting doctors and nurses about changes in a patient’s physiological status even when the clinical team is not in the patient’s room.
The system’s wireless design provides patients a more comfortable experience, and knowing they are being continuously monitored, a safer one. The wireless and light-weight design of the system also allows patients with greater freedom to move around, thereby, eliminating the need to summon a nurse every time and reducing the feeling of being ‘hospitalised’ at all times. This plays a pivotal role in uplifting the patients’ general feeling of well-being while also providing them with a comfortable and safe experience. 
Benefits –
  • It shortens the stay required in ICU
  • Provides continuous, reliable patient data to doctors and nurses
  • Allows patients to recover in the company of loved ones outside of the ICU    
  • Reduces healthcare cost for patients
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