Radixact x9 TomoTherapy

Radixact Tomotherapy is a significantly advanced, next generation TomoTherapy for treatment of cancer patients. This groundbreaking, cutting-edge technique destroys or reduces tumors by combining the precision of intensity-modulated radiation therapy and image guided scan.
Key benefits of the TomoTherapy include precision treatment with focus on the target, sparing the surrounding healthy tissues leading to increased efficacy of the treatment. An integrated CT scanner also helps in real time accuracy of the treatment and improved monitoring of tumors. With higher doses of radiation being sent to the tumor, efficacy of treatment potentially increases.
This technology not only allows to perform high definition of IGRT but also enables monitoring of the changes in a tumour on a day-to-day basis, for example, near the retina, nerves, critical brain areas amongst many others. Tomotherapy helps deliver a higher and more curative doses with safety in prostate cancers and throat cancers. This technology will decrease the side-effects of the radiation therapy manifolds and will improve the outcome. TomoTherapy is also helpful in cases in which the patients have received radiation earlier, and cancer has come back and hence they require re-radiation.

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