A Strong Cyclist with Diffuse Axonal Injury | Traumatic Brain Injury Treatment

Treated by Dr. Puneet Agarwal , Max Super Speciality Hospital, Saket

Thirty-six-year-old cyclist – Mr Roi Sadan, cycled around the world solo for 4.5 years, covering 70000 kilometres and over 42 countries. Roi’s life completely changed after this unexpected accident when he was cycling to Manali – Leh with his friends. He was brought to Max Healthcare in an emergency, was unconscious, profoundly comatose and was not responding to painful instimulation. He was diagnosed with Diffuse Axonal Injury (type of Traumatic Brain Injury) at Max Super Speciality Hospital, Saket. He also had an injury on his chest, developing Hemothorax or blood in the chest wall. After reaching Max Hospital, Dr Punit Agarwal (HOD – Neurology) took charge of his case. After testing, it was found that he had a severe injury in which extensive lesions in white matter tracts occur over a widespread area. It is known as Diffuse Axonal Injury. According to Dr, Agarwal, in such cases, the patient usually becomes unconscious or goes into comatose status, which may remain for many months, and some patients even die due to the severe injury. During this period, his team performed EEG of the brain repeatedly and started certain anti-epileptic drugs. Gradually after 48 hours, seizures were controlled. EEG showed no seizure activity. With the help of conservative treatment, Roi started responding to the treatment and soon opened his eyes. Now brave Roi says “It doesn’t matter what traumatises you, you need to wake up and face it! That’s what I am doing!”