Chronic Liver Disease Treatment with Liver Transplant Surgery | Max Hospital

Treated by Prof (Dr.) Subhash Gupta , Max Super Speciality Hospital, Saket

A video on treatment of chronic liver disease through liver transplant surgery. Mr Mubarak Hameed's mother from Nigeria was suffering from chronic liver disease and regularly felt tiredness and pain. With limited options in Africa and Middle east they came to India for treatment at Max Supers peciality Hospital Saket. Dr Subhash Gupta at Max Healthcare took charge of this case and found out that Mubarak's mother's past hepatitis B infection was the main cause of the problem. Dr Subhash Gupta explained clearly how the liver was beyond recovery and liver transplant operation was the only option. Mubarak loved his mother very much and decided to donate a part of his liver to his mother. The liver transplant surgery was successful, and both mother & son are recovered completely. Mubarak and his mother talk about the world class treatment standards at Max Hospital and the expertise of Dr Subhash Gupta in Liver transplant.