Biliary Atresia Treatment | 5-month-old Patient Story

Treated by Dr. Sharat Garg , Max Super Speciality Hospital, Saket

Mar 5, 2018

This video shows a story of a 5-month-old baby Kyros P. ventilacion from the Philippines who underwent chronic liver failure treatment at Max Super Speciality Hospital, Saket. Kyro's parents Ms. Grace Pernia & Mr. Karloedar C. Ventilacion consulted many doctors in there country and at last, they decided to travel to India as no improvement in the health of their child was achieved. They went to Max hospital Saket with their baby who just weighed 6 Kg and Dr. Sharat Varma, Consultant of Paediatric Hepatology took charge of his case. Dr. Sharat diagnosed the baby with chronic liver failure - a condition where a baby is born with their portal vein missing. The portal vein is a bile duct which connects the liver to the intestines and helps secrete bile. With the portal vein missing, the bile is collected within the liver, thus causing liver damage. Young Kyros underwent Chronic liver failure treatment which was very successful. Today, Kyros has gained much weight and is now completely healthy.

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