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Treated by Dr. Manoj Padman , Max Smart Super Speciality Hospital, Saket

13-year-old Chanda was abandoned by her family because she had clubfoot deformity due which she was leading a very tough life until she went through a clubfoot deformity treatment surgery at Max Hospital, Saket. Chanda was born with clubfoot deformity due to which she could not lead a healthy life as it made her walking very painful. Also, Chanda was abandoned by her family because of birth deformities in both her feet and she was left to an orphanage home where life was a complete struggle. One day Miss Francoise Perbet, a social worker from a French NGO approached Chanda and decided to make her operate so that she could lead a happy life again. Chanda was taken to Max Healthcare, Saket where Dr. Manoj Padman took charge of her case. After consulting from the ortho management, it was decided that Chanda will go through a three-phase clubfoot correction surgery. This small girl has successfully gone through the first phase of operation and has responded quite well. Dr. Manoj is confident that Chanda will start walking in 6 months like a normal person. Chanda is excited to walk and play with her friends.