Coronary Artery Disease Treatment through Heart Stent Surgery | Max Hospital

Treated by Dr. Naresh Kumar Goyal , Max Super Speciality Hospital, Shalimar Bagh

This video shows an amazing story of Mr Malik's coronary artery disease treatment through heart stent operation at Max Hospital, Shalimar Bagh. Mr Malik started feeling uncomfortable while breathing in 2013, and in 2016, his problem got worse. He went to various hospitals, where doctors told that the problem was with his lungs. One day, suddenly Mr Malik was not able to breathe and was taken to Max Hospital's 24*7 emergency. After seeing his condition, Dr Naresh Kumar recommended him to have coronary angioplasty. Through this test, it was clear that Mr Malik was suffering from coronary artery disease because of which his both arteries were heavily blocked. Dr Naresh told him clearly that the problem was not with his lungs and could be 100% cured through heart stent surgery. Mr Malik went through the coronary heart stent operation, and today he is healthy again. Mr Malik is really thankful to Dr Naresh and Max Hospital because of whom he is able to breathe freely without any problem.