Dr. Bhavna Banga- A big thanks :)

Treated by Dr. Bhavna Banga , Max Multi Speciality Centre, Panchsheel Park

We happily would like to share our experience with Dr Bhavna Banga. For us she is not just a doctor, but a very dear friend and guide you can rely on. In our first visit, we realised that she is the one we can completely trust. She is extremely friendly, sensible, polite, listened us so patiently and made sure we are always positive. In our first meeting it felt as if we knew her since long and made sure every small point is clarified. We had gone through an unsuccessful IUI process at another clinic but when we visited Dr. Bhavna, she identified the issues and suggested IVF for favourable results. The morning we saw the two pink lines we cried of happiness as we were extremely scared as we had heard many horror stories of IVF failing. We were pregnant with twins and delivered healthy baby boy and baby girl in the month of August. We thank Dr Banga and her team for all done for us. Dr. Banga gets involved in the procedure with the minutest precision and makes sure we are always on track and leaves no gaps for any unforeseen results. She was just a text away in case of any questions or any help that we needed even after the procedure was done and we moved to a regular gyno. We also would like to thank her team of experts and supporting team at Max Hospital Noida and Panchsheel who always created a positive atmosphere making us go through the procedure with confidence. We wish that you get all the success in your work and we would always be thankful to you for your continuous support and our bundle of joy you help us have. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT AND LOVE..!!


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