Facial Reconstruction & Cosmetic Surgery | Aesthetic Plastic Surgery - Max Hospital

Treated by Dr. Manoj Johar , Max Super Speciality Hospital, Patparganj

This video shows an amazing story of Mr Mohd Jumaah Alwi, who went through a successful facial reconstruction & cosmetic surgery at Max Hospital, Patparganj. Mr Jumaah was a very happy man until, one day while working; a machine fell over him which injured his cheeks and nose. He was taken to local hospital, where the doctors told that they could not help him as he had lost a part of cheeks, mouth and almost three-fourth of his nose. He was so distressed with life that he could not see his damaged face in the mirror. After lots of research, he reached Max Hospital Patparganj, India, where Dr Manoj Johar took charge of his case. Dr Manoj recommended him aesthetic plastic surgery. The facial cosmetic surgery of Mr Jumaah was highly successful, and results were better than what Mr Jumaah expected. Today Mr Jumaah is very happy and has started living his life again. He gives all the credit to Dr Manoj and Max Hospital, who have given him a new opportunity and reason to live his life.