I Wanted To Say A Big Thank You To Dr Bhavana

Treated by Dr. Bhavna Banga , Max Multi Speciality Centre, Panchsheel Park

Dear ,

I wanted to say a big Thank You to Dr Bhavana and her team for giving us our bundle of joy which came into our lives after 7 marriage of huge struggle, tears and emotional breakdown.

We tried many different things and many different doctors in London and also attempted IVF which was a fail twice, we tried IUI which was a fail 4 times nothing seemed to work for us. We were advised that the only way we could conceive is with egg donation it was really hard to accept this truth as who doesn’t want a genetic child from both parents but the WANT of the having a child was so much more bigger then thinking about this... we decided to go with the egg donation programme in Barcelona.

We attempted twice egg transfer which failed both times. This was very disheartening as this was our last option. We have literally given up all hopes and we were totally shattered.

However I don’t know what it was about the emails that I was receiving from Max hospital to which I had submitted a enquiry for treatment years ago (maybe their persistence) that one day when I got a email I replied getting a response within hours and it all started again. I was directly connected to Dr Bhavana who was communicating with me from India telling me the procedure etc. We set a action plan and me and my partner flew to Delhi. One attempt of the cycle and bang I was pregnant. I think it’s the miracle in Dr Bhavana’s hands or her extreme knowledge that made our dreams reality.

I had my baby boy not long ago and he is lying in my arms asleep all thanks for Dr Bhavana who came into our lives like a angel.

I know saying Thank You nowhere near justifies what she has given us... all I can say is carry of the good work with the charm you do and make dreams come true.


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