Meningitis Treatment with Cochlear Implant Surgery | Max Hospital

Treated by Dr. Sanjay Sachdeva , Max Super Speciality Hospital, Saket

This is a video case of the successful meningitis treatment of a small girl, Kashika Bali through cochlear implant ear surgery. One evening Kashika told her mother that she felt pain in her ears and the next morning she was not able to hear anything. Kashika's mother took her to Max Healthcare Saket where Dr Sanjay Sachdeva took charge of her case. Dr checked her condition and detected meningitis; he then told them that meningitis treatment would require an urgent cochlear implant surgery. Kashikas' didn't waste much time, after due thought they agreed for Cochlear Implant surgery without wasting any time . The cochlear implant surgery was successful, and after her initiation on the use of cochlear ear implant, today Kashika can hear like a normal child.