My Journey to Motherhood

Treated by Dr. Bhavna Banga , Max Multi Speciality Centre, Panchsheel Park

My journey to motherhood hasn’t been seamless and had many challenges and disappointments along the way. Consulted many Doctors , however even after multiple attempts, wasn’t able to conceive . Finally reached Dr. Bhavna and from the first meeting itself, her approach and the way she communicated with us, gave us hope. She helped address our anxieties and proactively advised us on several queries we had. She , unlike many other doctors, was extremely patient in hearing us out and accordingly guiding us on the right approach. She even counselled us on occasions when we were over consumed with other priorities and got us on the right track. Dr. Bhavna truly has been a strong pillar encouraging us to continue on with the journey. There were many occasions where we gave up but Dr. Bhavna continued inspiring us, not as a doctor, but more as a friend and well wisher. While she is definitely an expert when it comes to her field and guided us on the right treatment considering the latest and advanced procedures, but more than that it was her positivity and confidence that really made a difference. She truly believed that I would deliver a healthy baby and it was her belief that kept us going. Throughout the journey, we always found Dr. Bhavna by our side. All the anxieties , disappointments and even small success milestones, she was part of it all. When I finally got pregnant, there was yet another challenge we had to take care of. The world was hit by Covid pandemic and at that time even getting some of the medical tests done timely was extremely stressful. Dr. Bhavna facilitated everything for us and I got the right attention at the right time. While ideally Dr. Bhavna would have only supported the process for initial 6-7 weeks, however given the situation , she was with us literally throughout the pregnancy. No matter it was day, night, weekend, weekday , she was always accessible whenever we needed her and helped and guided us in every possible way.

After going through several IUIs,IVF, I had given up the hope of becoming a mother and to deliver a healthy baby girl at the age of 42 is truly a miracle. Our contribution in bringing this baby to world is very limited, it was only Dr. Bhavna and the Supreme Power that made it happen. I would say to all the couples that you shouldn’t give up hope and the journey may be long but patience and perseverance is all it takes and if you have a strong guide like Dr. Bhavna , miracles will happen.

Finally wanted to thank Dr. Bhavna for everything. You have given us a precious gift and made our life complete. May God bless you with all the happiness in the world.

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