My journey to pregnancy

Treated by Dr. Bhavna Banga , Max Multi Speciality Centre, Panchsheel Park

Dear Friends,

My journey to pregnancy is worth sharing as it will be motivational to thousands of friends who are childless.

Dr Bhavna Banga, is the best doctor I ever came across. She was frank, transparent, and easily accessible at any time(24x7), caring, explicitly explain all the details, and remove your doubts and a nice human being. Thanks a lot from bottom of my heart; you are not simply a doctor for me but virtually a goddess with pure and affectionate heart. May god always shower blessings on you and your beloved family. You are very good human being and now I really find it difficult to express your importance and glory in words. Once again thanks a lot. Some feelings are beyond expressing.

It is pointless to mention that you are such a great doctor, there is always a wonderful team and we also thankful to your entire team for their co-operation and affection during our visits.

Once again we thank you Dr Bhavna for all the support given since last two years specially during covid period, when I was covid positive during pregnancy and bringning our beloved twin daughters in this world in my second successful IVF cycle. In my first IVF cycle during 2016-17 god has gifted us precious son (Now he is 5 year old). We don’t have enough words to thank you doctor and entire dedicated team of Max Panchseel and Noida.

After visiting top consultants in Delhi we finally met with our beloved Dr Bhavna Banga. After seeing all the previous prescription and test reports she advised us to go for IVF without further wasting time, as my both tubes were blocked. The day when we meet her was the day of change and hope, she counsel us well and explained the procedure of IVF.

Dr Bhavna Banga has expert in her field & I do sincerely recommend her for aspiring parents who need medical intervention in planning their family. May god bless her!

Thanks a lot,

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