Pigeon Chest Surgery | Rib Cage Deformity Treatment Through Thoracoplasty - Max Hospital

Treated by Dr. Manoj Johar , Max Super Speciality Hospital, Patparganj


A fifteen-year-old Iraqi male, Ali Kadhim Assi was suffering from rib cage deformity since childhood. All his friends made fun of him because he had a differently shaped chest. His father took him to various hospitals and surgeons so that his deformity could be cured, however, without success. At last, they came to Max Hospital. However they were nervous due to past experiences. However, here the story took a positive turn. Dr Manoj K Johar, Director - plastic surgery at Max Healthcare took charge of this case and assured Ali and his father that his deformity would be cured. After this, Ali went through pigeon chest surgery through thoracoplasty. Now, Ali's deformity is completely cured, and his chest has regained its natural shape. Watch the full video to know Ali's amazing success story!