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Treated by Dr. Bhavna Banga , Max Multi Speciality Centre, Panchsheel Park

 have being married for four years, and trying to conceive for 2long years. Me and my husband tried everything multiple gynaecs, ayurvedic treatments and what not. I went for two IUI which failed devastating me to core when i read about Dr Bhavna Banga in the IVF clinic of Max Panchsheel and reading so many optimistic reviews i decided to switch my doctor to Dr. Bhavna which turned out to be my best decision ever. Moment i met her things changed i was confident seeing a doctor who was confident that i can get pregnant. She made me and my husband assured and first time leaving the hospital we were happy and hopeful. I went for ivf with her which failed but she didnt lost hope rather supported us and made me prepped for second ivf which was my end to struggle. 

I would always be thankful to her the way i could approach her anytime on whatsapp call or in person changed even my expectations with other doctors. she is definitely an angel who blessed me with my boys. If anyone is there who is struggling with infertility i feel dr bhavna is there go to person bcz when she will say "you will get pregnant" somewhere she make half battle won.

Regards & love

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