A Strong Girl with Valvular Heart Disease | Heart Disease Diagnosis and Treatment - Max Hospital

Treated by Dr. Dinesh Kumar Mittal , Max Super Speciality Hospital, Shalimar Bagh

This video is about a twenty-year-old girl Ms. Jyoti who was diagnosed with Valvular Heart Disease at Max Super Speciality Hospital, Shalimar Bagh. She was brought to Max Healthcare in an emergency with breathing difficulty, continuous hiccups and elevated blood pressure. After consulting many hospitals and being disappointed with them, her family decided to take her to the experts at Max Hospital. Dr. Dinesh Kumar Mittal at Max Hospital took charge of her case and discovered that Jyoti had a combination of two diseases – Turner Syndrome and Valvular heart disease. Jyoti had all the symptoms of multiple heart disease like Aortic Stenosis (main heart valve narrowed) with Regurgitation (leakage in the valve), Bicuspid valve, Ascending and Arch Aneurysm (largest artery of the body became dilated, 3 times) and Coarctation of Descending Aorta. Such patients have some cardiac defects, but this combination of heart defects is quite rare and life-threatening. In fact, only a few reports are available about successful outcomes. A team of Cardiac Surgeons – Dr. Dinesh Kumar Mittal and his team after multiple meetings decided to carry out operation in two stages. After 12 hours post-surgery, Jyoti opened her eyes, a moment that all her family members were waiting for. Now they have a ray of hope in their eyes and faith in their hearts. After 7 days Jyoti has reached home and is recovering and regaining faith in life.