Thank you Doctor Bhavna Banga

Treated by Dr. Bhavna Banga , Max Multi Speciality Centre, Panchsheel Park

Dear Doctor,

This mail is to say how much I owe to you and how grateful I am to you. As you are aware I was suffering from acute endometriosis due to which I was unable to naturally conceive inspite of trying for 3 years.

When I visited you first I was unsure if I was doing the right thing by visiting a fertility expert for trying for my second pregnancy but you know how I was yearning for a second child-a sibling for my elder one. I was already 36 when I started visiting you. Earlier I was getting bogged down by the weekly ultrasounds and medicines .I was rethinking when you suggested me to go for a laparoscopy for treating the endometriosis, was thinking if I should drop the idea of a second child but you made it look so easy and properly planned.

Even after the surgery I was lethargic to restart the process till you reminded me that this was the best time to go for an IVF or else the endometriosis could regrow. Then we finally took the decision to start the procedure and leave the rest to God and your safe hands. I still remember you telling me ,don't over think (having knowing me) ,give it a try once and leave everything to God ,be positive but if nothing works out go back home and be happy investing more time with your first one.

I must say, I have not come across a more perfectionist Doctor like you. The way you maintained records of your patients details...I could forget to inform you date of my period or tests to be done or shots to be taken but you maintained a meticulous record of everything and kept checking till the final day.

I must say I just followed whatever you said ,being positive and hopeful, knowing this was my first and last chance.

I was elated the day i got to know I was pregnant and finally when our son was born, the first person who came to my mind was you. I would recommend everyone who is suffering from endometriosis like me or facing any fertility problem to visit you. You are near God to me ...thank you....