Thank you doctor for all your guidance and Support.

Treated by Dr. Bhavna Banga , Max Multi Speciality Centre, Panchsheel Park

I'll always be thankful to Dr Bhavna for giving us the most precious gift of my life. Due to her I am holding my 5-month-old right now!

My journey to pregnancy was a long one. After trying for one year, I realized that something is wrong, and I should see a doctor. However, things weren’t right at first place and it took me five long years of infertility treatment and meeting various doctors among various hospitals, hopes and rejections.

After 5 years of unsuccessful medications, IUI procedures, and other treatments, I decided to change fertility doctors and the success story begin from when I met Dr Bhavna. She exceeded our expectations with their thorough knowledge of the process, flexibility with scheduling, and compassion every step of the procedure. She kept realistic but positive at the same time, which made me feel very comfortable along the way, and gave me confidence in the IVF process. We expressed our desire to move as quickly as possible. She explained things so that we knew exactly what was going to happen.

Even during the treatment, many times I just felt it’s not going to work for me again but Dr.Bhavna made everything possible for me.

Even though it took longer than expected due to Covid and other issues but by God's grace and Dr. Bhavana’s effort and treatment my first IVF cycle got successful, and I was gifted by a baby girl.