Thank You Note

Treated by Dr. Bhavna Banga , Max Multi Speciality Centre, Panchsheel Park

Though it's extremely difficult to express my feelings through words but still made a small attempt......

My journey to Motherhood started some eight years back. After undergoing multiple cycles of failed IUI’s , taking so many medications, meeting doctors and still trying to maintain balance between personal and professional commitments was taking a toll on my mental and physical health.

I had no energy left to go for the last option left – IVF.  

With my husband's insistence on not to give up …I first met Dr Bhawana in 2017. I found her extremely unconventional in her approach, she was quite informal and made us feel as if we are sitting with an old friend, that was quite comforting.

I was also petrified with this whole IVF process, but she explained everything so well and made it so much simpler for me.

She also told me that I need not to take too many leaves and sit at home rather take this as a simple process and relax which can easily be managed. I think that was extremely important as it calmed me down to a large extent.

She always tried her best to accommodate her schedule as per my convenience. She was approachable even at wee hours and kept reminding me on the next steps. Because of her consistent follow up I could manage to do everything as per instructions and on time.

Throughout the process I never felt alone.  I think it’s extremely important to be with a Doctor who can understand your emotional side as well and not just take you as a  patient who needs to undergo a process mechanically.

Because of her I could conceive in Feb and delivered a healthy baby boy in Nov 2020.

Though words are not enough but thank you Dr. Bhawana for giving me LIFE…….!!