Treatment of Jaundice in Child | Liver Jaundice Treatment - Max Hospital

Treated by Dr. Anurag Krishna , Max Smart Super Speciality Hospital, Saket

This video shows a six-year-old boy Suleman Abubakar from Nigeria who underwent liver & jaundice treatment at Max Hospital, Saket. Suleman was suffering from Typhoid fever which affected his gall bladder due to which it was removed through Surgery in Nigeria. Soon after the gallbladder surgery, Suleman had few complications, and through tests, it could not be discovered that he had severe jaundice. Suleman's brother took him to various hospitals for the treatment of jaundice; however, doctors could not diagnose the problem in Nigeria. Suleman's family decided to take him to Max hospital, India because of the presence of expert doctors. When they reached Max Hospital Saket, Dr Anurag Krishna took charge of his case and discovered that the six-year-old boy had deep jaundice which had affected his liver. Suleman had all the symptoms of deep jaundice like dark urine, pale stool, yellow eyes & itching in the body. After consultation and discussion, it was decided that the surgery was necessary. By excellent efforts of Dr Anurag and his team, the operation was quite successful and Suleman was recovered and discharged from the hospital in just 5 days. Today Suleman is healthy again and is living happily with his family in Nigeria.