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Hand Surgery

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Hands help us to eat, dress, write, earn a living, create art and do many other activities. To do these tasks, our hands require sensation and movement, such as joint motion, tendon gliding and muscle contraction.

Hand surgery involves a vast range of surgery on the hand. Plastic surgeon who does hand surgery not only ensures the function of the hand, but also makes efforts to maximize the cosmetic appearance of the hand.

Surgery on the hand can be performed for the following below reasons but not limited

  • Some kind of trauma to the hand
  • Rheumatic arthritis leading to changes in the structure of hand
  • Congenital (present at birth) deformities
  • Infections

Types of Hand Surgeries

There are different types of surgeries depending upon the condition and underlying cause of the problem. These procedures include:

Skin grafts
The replacing or attaching skin to a part of the hand that has missing skin is called skin grafting. Mostly in finger amputations or injuries this type of surgery is considered. In skin grafting a piece of healthy skin is taken from the other side of the body and attached to the injured area.

Skin flaps
A skin flap also involves taking skin from another part of the body like in skin grafting. Skin flaps are used in cases when the missing skin to be treated does not have a good blood supply. So, that section of the skin is used which has its own underlying blood vessels, fat, and muscles.

Closed reduction and fixation
This procedure is done in case of a bone fracture, or broken bone, in part of the hand, including the fingers. In this surgery the broken bone is realigned and then till the time it heals, it is hold in place and immobilization is done with internal fixtures, such as with wires, rods, splints, and casts.

Tendon repair
Tendons repair surgery is to repair damaged or torn tendons. Tendons are tissues that connect muscle to the bone. Tendon injuries might occur because of reasons like infection, trauma, or sudden rupture.

Nerve repairs
Any sort of injury too hand can damage the nerves in the hand. This can cause a loss of hand function and a loss of sensation in the hand. Some nerve injuries may heal on their own. Others may require surgery. Generally it takes 3-6 weeks time for nerves to repair and therefore surgery is done post automatic repair for effective results.

Surgical drainage or debridement
The hands are quite prone to injury, infections. Generally in case of infections the treatment may include rest, using heat, elevation, antibiotics, and surgery. Surgical drainage is done if there is a sore or abscess in the hand due to infection or injury, therefore will remove the pus. If the infection or wound is severe, debridement may be used to clean dead and contaminated tissue from the wound. This prevents further infection and helps promote healing.

Joint replacement 
This type of surgery is used in cases of severe hand arthritis. An artificial joint is placed on that section which has been destroyed by arthritis. This artificial joint can be of metal, plastic, silicone rubber, or your own body tissue, such as a tendon.

Replantation or transplantation

In this procedure accidentally amputated fingers or hands using microsurgery are restored. It is an extremely precise and delicate surgery performed under magnification.

Patients who should go for Hand Surgery:

All those patients who are suffering from any of the below should go for Hand surgery.

  1. Carpal Tunnel: If you are experiencing the sensation of pins and needles and numbness in your fingers, carpal tunnel may be to blame. If symptoms persist, surgery may be recommended to release pressure on the nerve.
  2. Trigger Finger: Although trigger finger can usually be treated without the need for surgery, at times surgery is required to free the tendon that has thickened and become stuck in the tunnel.
  3. Ganglion: If you are suffering from a ganglion cyst (lumps in the hand or wrist near the joint) that becomes painful or affects the movement of your hand or wrist. It’s the minor surgery to remove the cyst.
  4. Dupuytren’s Surgery and Injection: Severe cases of dupuytren’s contracture (bending of one or more fingers permanently) could cause your fingers to curl down into the palm of your hand. In cases such as this, hand surgery may be necessary to remove the tissue that has grown, thus freeing the fingers.
  5. Tendon Injury: If an injury occurs to the hand causing a tendon to rupture, or if a tendon ruptures as a result of rheumatoid arthritis, surgery is usually needed to repair the damage.
  6. Thumb Arthritis: If you are suffering from pain from the trapezium bone that does not clear on its own over time, your hand surgeon may recommend an operation to remove the joint and/or your trapezium.
  7. Fracture: If you have suffered a fracture to your hand or wrist, depending upon the location and severity of the break, surgery may be needed to promote proper healing.

Benefits of Hand Surgery

  • Relief from pain, infection or any kind of deformity
  • Better looking appearance of the hands
  • Functions of the hands becomes normal and person can perform the daily chores

Risks of Hand Surgery

Risks of anesthesia and bleeding are the common that most surgeries carry. The following risks depends upon the type of surgery being performed:

  • Infection
  • Incomplete healing
  • Loss of sensation or difficulty in movement of the hand or fingers        
  • Blood clots may form


Once the surgery is performed, doctor will prescribe pain medication for the patient.

To determine the effectiveness of the surgery, the doctor will also perform an in-depth physical examination, accompanied with x-rays to monitor if the patient’s recovery is progressing as expected.

To regain the proper function of the hands, the doctor might refer the patient to a therapist, who will in turn prescribe appropriate hand exercises to restore strength, flexibility, function and mobility of the many joints of the hands and fingers.

Intensive rehabilitation is necessary to regain optimal functioning of the hand. The healing time will depend on case-to-case basis and type of surgery is performed.

Why choose Max Healthcare

At Max, we understand the importance of your hands in everyday life. We are committed to provide utmost care for patients with hands extremity conditions.

We follow a multidisciplinary approach for treatment, and to facilitate a rapid recovery to a normal, productive lifestyle.

Our teams of doctors who are hands specialists bring extensive experience and skill while maintaining personalized attention.

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