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New minimally invasive procedures and Latest Techniques: Interventional Neurology

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Max Super Speciality Hospital, Patparganj

1. Mechanical thrombectomy for stroke:

Mechanical thrombectomy is a revolutionary new procedure to open blocked brain blood vessels. This procedure can treat paralytic attack and provide excellent outcomes. There are fewer procedures in medical science with such good results and success rate. MAX hospital is one of the very few hospitals in the country which offers this procedure 24x7 by trained Interventional Neurologists.

2. AVM or AV fistula embolization:

Arterio-venous malformations (AVM) and Arterio-venous (AV) fistulas are abnormal blood vessels with altered or impaired blood flow through them. They can affect the brain or the spinal cord. These lesions can cause hemorrhage, weakness, seizures (fits) and even prolonged headaches. With the advent of endovascular procedures these lesions can be treated without open head surgery. In other words minimally invasive endoavascular procedures can be performed by trained Interventional Neurologists to treat these procedures safely. At MAX theses procedures are performed using the best available technology that is the biplane machine. This machine can be the difference between complete cure and partial treatment or between life and death.

3. Aneurysms Treatment:

Intracranial aneurysms whether ruptured or unruptured have always been a cause of worry for patients and doctors alike. Traditionally the head had to be surgically opened to treat the aneurysms but, with the evolution of Interventional neurology, aneurysms can be treated without open surgery. Minimally invasive endovascular coiling has revolutionized the treatment of aneurysms all over the world and is now the mainstay for treatment of brain aneurysms.MAX offers state of the art biplane cath lab where theses aneurysms can be treated by well qualified Interventional Neurologists.

4. Tumor embolization:

This procedure is performed before surgical resection of a brain or spine tumor to stop the blood supply to the tumor. The tumors of the neck, head, and spine can be embolized to help reduce their blood supply and decrease their size before surgical removal.

5. Embolization for nose bleed:

Another name for nose bleeds is Epistaxis. This condition can be life-threatening for patients with a regular/persistent nose bleeds. Emergent minimally invasive procedures can be performed to stop nose bleeds.

6. Other Minimally invasive procedures for aneurysm treatment

In some cases specialized devices like flow diverters or intracranial stent s are needed to treat the aneurysm. These devices are placed through the minimally invasive approach and ensure complete cure. At MAX Interventional Neurologists use a bi-plane cath lab to place these devices safely.

7. Carotid artery stenting:

The carotid arteries are two large tubes which take blood from the heart to the brain through the neck. You can feel them pulsating in the neck, if you press lightly (only one side) just away from the midline. Some patients may develop cholesterol plaques in the carotid arteries causing stenosis. Not all carotid stenosis need procedural treatment, infact most don’t. Most patients can be managed with medicines. Some patients may require procedures to open up the blocked artery. In such cases carotid artery stenting offers a safe alternative to open surgery. Patients are usually discharged in one day after the procedure without the need to undergo general anesthesia. At MAX this procedure is performed by well trained Interventional Neurologists using state of the art technology.

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