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Max Institute of Medical Excellence

Max Institute of Medical Excellence for Quality Health Professionals

Max Institute of Medical Excellence (MIME), an educational division of Max Healthcare Institute Ltd. is a dedicated center for medical education and training for medical and non-medical professionals which enhances their skills and competencies. Since its inception 16 years ago, MIME has been proficient in conducting programs which are well crafted and are benchmarked to the highest standard.

Our Vision

To build a unique institution that drives excellence in healthcare delivery through academics, education and training, through a highly skilled and committed workforce, thereby building a healthy society for posterity.

Our Mission

Offering programs and resources designed to train ,educate and inspire students to become changemakers

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Our Goals


  • To provide high quality training programmes for healthcare professionals preparing them for excellence in clinical care delivery
  • Achieve excellence through dedicated and committed faculty
  • We leverage our state of art infrastructure along with our highly qualified faculty for the benefits for our students
  • To develop the ability in students to practice autonomously in a wide range of clinical and community settings
  • To develop individuals valued in healthcare as change catalysts who will transform the existing healthcare system in India
  • To provide an intellectually stimulating and supportive environment that is respectful of diversity and that fosters individual and collective pursuits
  • Provide career advancement and lifelong learning opportunities through a center of excellence of continuing education
  • Design and develop skilling, workshops, short courses, continuous skill up programs relevant to the sector
  • Cultivate critical thinking, creativity and ethical practices in healthcare professionals
  • To develop an institution with a sharp focus on service excellence
  • To place patient care at the forefront of all education and healthcare delivery initiatives
  • To deliver value based healthcare outcomes for the community and improve quality of life
  • To build a financially self-sustainable model

Chairman's Message

Healthcare delivery is constantly evolving - New methodologies, treatment techniques, care modalities are being innovated regularly. Delivering high quality patient-centric care requires that one is continuously learning and keeping themselves updated with the latest.

At Max Institute of Medical Excellence (MIME), we pride ourselves in not just the faculty who teach here but also the students who learn and train with us. Our state of the art infrastructure and processes complement our faculty in facilitating the learning process.

Our training programmes aim at creating the next generation of medical leaders and the partnership and collegiality at Max Healthcare truly complements the ethos of academic excellence. This year has been truly remarkable for the world where healthcare professionals and their skills have been recognized as never before. As we enter a changed post pandemic world, we at Max Healthcare welcome all students with renewed commitment and vigour and hope that their indomitable spirit to learn and serve the society, will shape the new age of healthcare.

Abhay Soi

Chairman & Managing Director

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The Institute offers an array of medical certificate courses, opportunities for medical professionals. Independent study, supervised experiences, and...


Max Healthcare Institute Limited is an authorized International Training Centre (ITC) of American Heart Association. The Training Centre supports the...


Max Healthcare Institute Limited is an authorized International Training Centre (ITC) of American Heart Association. The Training Centre supports the...

Dr. Sandeep Budhiraja’s Message

Learning is a life long journey for each one of us, a tool we use for self-development. Formal education programs are a structured method of promoting learning and the raison d'etre of MIME, our efforts are centered around four principles which we like to call the 4S agenda; every program must be of Superb quality, it must be Student centric, it must Scalable and Sustainable.

Our programs embody all these principles and will impart to our students not only on hands on clinical expertise but will also train them to deal with multiple complexities and quick decision making in a high pressured environment where every minute may make the difference between a life saved or lost. Highly experienced faculty with years of expertise have been chosen to guide you through this learning curve.

We hope to be an integral part of our student's personal and professional growth and I look forward to welcoming you as part of the MIME Family.

Dr. Sandeep Budhiraja

Group Medical & Senior Director

Education at MIME







Dr. Vinita Jha's Message


A very warm welcome to Max Institute of Medical Education
MIME as a division of Max Healthcare Institute Pvt Ltd has been conceptualized to bring together the elements of clinical care, education, research and service experiences in such a way that they inspire and support one another in learning experiences for our students and in turn for the greater benefit of our patients’.

This approach entails a conscious and firm belief in the need to invest on a continuum basis in training, skill and competency building of its human capital to realize their full potential and enhance both their personal and professional growth.

Core to our educational service delivery is the spirit of inter professional development with new and advanced training programs designed to create new healthcare professionals and enhance the capabilities of traditional healthcare professionals in all levels and aspects of care. A set of common inter professional competencies as well as discipline-specific competencies have been developed along with common pedagogical principles to guide curriculum and course development. All courses are delivered by world class faculty .

The aim is not to prepare professionals for the episodic and ad hoc healthcare delivery that describes the status quo, but to care for their patients for life and proactively participate in their healthcare and improve the system in the process. The goal is to create new types of healthcare professionals who can respond to the rising public expectations for the quality of care, greater accountability by enhancing in a targeted fashion existing educational programs, in order to assure competent practitioners for our healthcare system.

Dr. Vinita Jha



Academic Resources

Library, Conference Room/Training Room/Counseling Room, Auditorium, Simulation Lab, Biostatistics

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Alumni Section

Max Alumni Association is open to former and current faculty members, educational trainees, students and administrators. Learn more about the benefits of membership.

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Max Updates

Get the latest medical guidelines, updates, and healthcare information from across our network hospitals.

Max Updates

Get the latest medical guidelines, updates, and healthcare information from across our network hospitals.

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