TrueBeam Linac with Exactrac

The traditional aim of radiation therapy is to increase the cure rate with minimal toxicity. To achieve this aim, various techniques have been developed in recent past such as 3 DCRT, IMRT and IGRT. 
A new method has  been recently  developed in which  the treatment can be delivered  with minimal harm to normal tissues. This technology is known as  Stereotactic Radio Surgery (SRS) and Stereotactic Radiotherapy (SRT). The difference between two techniques is that in SRS total dose is delivered in one fraction and in SRT total dose is delivered in 5-10 fractions.
The biggest advantage of this technique is that the total treatment time is reduced   from 7-8 weeks to 1-2 days or 1-2 weeks thereby causing considerable increase in patient comfort and compliance. 
The other major advantage is that the daily treatments are given with sub-millimeter precision hence the toxicity to various organs at risk is negligible. These intracranial/extracranial techniques are practiced on latest generation linear accelerators having stereotactic treatments and imaging facilities where even moving tumors such as liver, pancreas, lung can be targeted. The newer indications of radical radiation now include T1, T2 lung tumors, carcinoma pancreas and liver tumors.
Recently  Max Patparganj  has successfully commissioned a True Beam Linear Accelerator with Exact- Trac which is capable of giving most precise radiation with maximum conformity (SRS/SRT/SBRT). Thus Max Patparganj has become the only centre in East Delhi and Western Uttar Pradesh to be equipped with this high end facility. In the first month of its commissioning Max Patparganj has treated almost 50 patients on this accelerator successfully.


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