Intra-Operative & Portable CT scanner with Navigation

Intra-operative CT
A portable, intraoperative, multi-slice, full-body 32 Slice CT scanner allows neurosurgeons to perform accurate, precise and real-time image-guided surgical procedures.
The scanner allows imaging to be performed in the operating room, thereby reducing the need to transport patients from the radiology department and enabling the surgeons to make critical decisions during the surgery.
The equipment allows intra-operative imaging of brain and spine to perform image-guided surgery, hence increasing the accuracy to perform neurological and spinal procedures.
The surgeons are able to assess the patient’s condition before they are taken off the operating table.
Intra-operative Nerve Monitoring System
At Max Saket, we mitigate the risks of neurological deficits with continuous Intra-operative Neuro Monitoring during surgery. The Neuro monitor aids the surgeon in reducing the risk of nerve damage while performing surgery, thereby preserving the quality of life post-surgery.
Navigation S8
This advanced technology allows our surgeon to achieve an optimum surgical outcome in a highly anatomical field with:
  • Minimal Incision
  • Low trauma
  • Precision
  • Faster Recovery
The StealthStationtTM system is an advanced version of Computer-Assisted Surgical Navigation Technology that combines the use of hardware, software, tracking algorithms, image data merging and specialized instruments to ensure high success rates. This is a computer-guided procedure that improves the precision and safety to help the brain tumour patients.Surgical treatment of primary tumours remains a challenge for the neurosurgeon. Nonetheless, surgery is the mainstay of brain tumour therapy as it provides a means of obtaining absolute tissue diagnosis, mapping tumour margins and guidance of post-operative therapy.
Computer-assisted navigation provides real-time information for dynamic navigation, analysis and planning through inspection of 3D Brain Model.  It also provides real-time information for dynamic navigation, analysis and planning through inspection of 3-D Brain Models both during preoperative surgery planning and during-surgery Active Navigation support.
Neuronavigation (computer-assisted navigation) is now a ubiquitous tool in planning a surgical approach for brain tumour resection, which does 3D reconstructive of data to simulate a surgical approach prior to surgery and impacting surgery outcomes positively. Worldwide, computer-assisted navigation has become a widely used tool in precise brain tumour surgeries and is increasingly becoming popular as the gentle way of removing brain tumours.
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