Our Leaders

Abhay Soi

Chairman & Managing Director

Anas Wajid

Senior Director - Chief Sales & Marketing Officer

Col. Binu Sharma

Senior Director – Nursing

Col. Harinder Singh Chehal

Senior Director & Chief Operating Officer - Cluster two

Dr. Mradul Kaushik

Senior Director – Operations & Planning

Dr. Sandeep Budhiraja

Group Medical Director

Umesh Gupta

Senior Director - HR & Chief People Officer

Vandana Pakle

Senior Director - Corporate Affairs

Yogesh Sareen

Senior Director & Chief Financial Officer

Ashutosh Kumar Jha

Director – Growth and M&A

Prashant Singh

Director IT & Chief Information Officer

Rakesh Kaushik

Director - Legal & Regulatory Affairs

Venkatesan N

Director & Chief Procurement Officer

Dr. A.K. Singh

Chairman- Max Institute of Neurosciences Dehradun & Chairman -Max Neurosciences Forum & Medical Advisor

Dr. Ambrish Mithal

Chairman & Head - Endocrinology & Diabeties - Max Healthcare

Dr. Anant Kumar

Chairman - Urology Renal Transplant & Robotics - Max Saket Complex and Uro- Oncology - Max Hospital, Saket

Dr. Anurag Krishna

Chairman - Paediatrics & Paediatric Surgery

Dr. Balbir Singh

Chairman & Head - Cardiology, Max Healthcare

Dr. Dinesh Khullar

Chairman - Nephrology & Renal Transplant Medicine Max Saket Complex

Dr. Harit Chaturvedi

Chairman - Max Institute of Cancer Care

Dr. Pradeep Chowbey

Chairman - Max Institute of Laparoscopic, Endoscopic, Bariatric & Gastrointestinal Surgery

Dr. S.K.S. Marya

Chairman & Chief Surgeon - Orthopaedics & Joint Replacement

Prof (Dr.) Subhash Gupta

Chairman - Max Centre for Liver Biliary Sciences