MSc in Clinical Research

Courses Details

Program Structure:

2 Years Full-Time/4 Semesters/Mandatory dissertation project in last semester

Degree Awarding And Registering Body:

Offered by Max Institute of Medical Education (MIME) And Regional Centre for Biotechnology (RCB), Faridabad

Program Objectives:

This course will help the students to develop the following skills:

  • Provide high quality training programs for clinical research professionals
  • Achieve excellence through dedicated and committed faculty
  • Leverage our state of the art infrastructure along with our highly qualified faculty for the benefits for our students
  • Enable our students to work autonomously in a wide range of clinical and community settings
  • Develop individuals valued as change catalysts who will transform the existing clinical research system in India
  • Provide an intellectually stimulating and supportive environment that is respectful of diversity and that fosters individual and collective pursuits of students
  • Provide career advancement and placement opportunities through the degree Program

Program Administration And Language:

  • The program will be delivered through various teaching/learning techniques, including lectures using Audio-Visual aids, demonstrations, group discussions and presentations.
  • Learning through hands-on practice, statistical software, tutorials and assignments.
  • The primary language of instruction would be English.
  • During the course, the students will get an opportunity to engage in research related activities by working on drug and device clinical trials; public health research projects in a hospital, laboratory and community setup.

Program Contents:

  • The core courses include: Introduction to Clinical Research, Basics of Pharmacy & Drug discovery, Research Methodology, Clinical trial practices, Preclinical studies, Pharmacology, Reporting and Pharma regulatory affairs, Clinical Data Management, Pharmacovigilance, Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, Medical writing and IPR
  • The lab learning courses include: Pharmacology & Medical Writing, Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, Molecular Biology
  • Clinical rotational lab postings include-Clinical trials, Clinical Biochemistry, Microbiology, in vivo studies and Pathology

Target Audience And Entry Requirements:

Minimum Eligibility - Candidates must have completed:

  • Bachelor's Degree/Graduation (with a minimum of 55% marks) from a recognized institute in Medicine/AYUSH/ Dentistry/Allied and Health Sciences/BPT/Life Sciences/Veterinary Sciences
  • Bachelor's Degree/Graduation (with a minimum of 55% marks) a recognized institute in Clinical Research, Zoology, Biotechnology, Microbiology, MLT, B. Pharmacy, M. Pharmacy
  • Though highly recommended, candidates need not be restricted to the above disciplines, and graduates from other backgrounds may be taken into consideration after assessing the overall aptitude and eligibility of a particular candidate
  • Work experience in a healthcare-related field is highly desirable

Selection Process:

All candidates should submit the application form for the Master of Science in Clinical Research program in the prescribed format, which can be downloaded from Max Healthcare and the RCB website or apply online.

  • The application consists of a registration form, proof of academic credentials, work experience, contact details of two referees (academic or professional) and a Statement of Purpose (SOP).
  • The applicants will be shortlisted based on their academic qualifications, relevant experience and Statement of Purpose, followed by an interview.
  • The selection of candidates will be conducted by a specially constituted screening committee represented by Max Healthcare and RCB, Faridabad.


The degree program will be taught by a team of experienced, multidisciplinary faculty from Max Healthcare, reputed clinical research divisions with an exposure to training across myriad of therapy areas including Oncology, Cardiology, Neurology & Metabolic Diseases. In addition, the students will also be exposed to lectures delivered by invited faculty and a pool of nationally and internationally acclaimed adjunct faculty. Mentors/supervisors will also be identified for guiding students during the internship and project work (with dissertation)

Credit And Evaluation System:

The students will be evaluated by continuous assessments and written examinations for all the courses. In addition, the student will need to submit the dissertation thesis at the end of the last semester, which will be evaluated. The examination for all the courses will be held at the end of the semester. Continuous evaluation will be conducted during and at the end of the course. The continuous evaluation and semester examination average will contribute to the course GPA. The program will follow a credit system consistent with RCB norms. Credits will be awarded for the successful completion of each course and thesis. A total of 100 credits and a CGPA of at least 6.5 should be obtained compulsorily for awarding the degree.

Program Fees:

  • Course Fee for Indian Candidates: The total fee for the two-year program is 5,00,000/ INR + GST. One time fee of 10,000 is due at the time of admission. The tuition fee of 1,00,000/- INR is due at the start of every semester (on or before October 31, 2022).
  • Course Fee for International Candidates: Tuition Fee: The annual tuition fee for the students admitted for the academic session 2022-24 is USD 7,400/ per student per academic year. The total tuition fee for the two-year program is USD 15,400/, including the examination fees. One time admission fee of USD 150 is due at the time of admission. The tuition of USD 1250 is due at the start of every semester (on or before 20th November, 2022).

Placement Opportunities:

The internal postings at various departments with over 100 ongoing clinical research projects (including drug and device trials), public health research projects, data research and internships during the Masters of Clinical Research program would allow the candidate to interact with potential and key stakeholders for employment. In addition, the Max Institute of Medical Education and Max Network Hospitals along with Regional Centre for Biotechnology will support the placement process by identifying relevant career opportunities for those seeking career assistance, guidance and advice. The candidates will have an opportunity to interact with more than 50 Principal Investigators of national and international repute in collaboration with prestigious universities and hospitals.

About Max Healthcare/mime/office Of Research:

Max Healthcare is one of India's leading comprehensive, seamless and integrated world-class healthcare facilities. With a network of 17 healthcare facilities (3400+beds) across the NCR Delhi, Haryana, Punjab, Uttarakhand and Maharashtra. Max Institute of Medical Excellence (MIME), an educational division of Max Healthcare Institute Ltd., is a committed centre for medical education and training for medical and non-medical professionals, enhancing their skills and capabilities. Since its inception, Office of Research, Max healthcare has been proficient in conducting programs that are well crafted and are benchmarked to the uppermost standard. The Office of Research which was set up by the Clinical Directorate, Max Healthcare is dedicated to strengthening, expanding, guiding and supporting strong culture and capabilities in research and evidence based medicine at Max Healthcare. The OOR provides operational, administrative, scientific, academic and technology support to researchers who wish to conduct clinical research.

The Vision of the Office of Research (OOR) at Max Healthcare Institute Ltd.:
Our vision is to provide excellent educational process through formal didactic and state-of-the-art clinical experiences that will render qualified, patient focused, compassionate, critical thinkers for the community who are engaged in lifelong learning.

The Mission of the Office of Research, Clinical Directorate at Max Healthcare Institute Ltd:


  • To enable a learner to pursue any area of knowledge or domain depending upon his / her interest.
  • To widen the horizon of learner’s intellectual insight
  • To provide the profession and community with trained qualified Researchers for clinical trials
  • To provide exposure to Investigator initiated research & research through grants at both national and international levels

ABOUT Regional Centre for Biotechnology (RCB), Faridabad

Regional Centre for Biotechnology (RCB) is an academic institution established by the Department of Biotechnology, Govt. of India with regional and global partnerships synergizing with the programs of UNESCO as a Category II Centre. The primary focus of RCB is to provide world class education, training and conduct innovative research at the interface of multiple disciplines to create high quality human resource in disciplinary and interdisciplinary areas of biotechnology in a globally competitive research milieu. In 2016, RCB was recognized as an Institution of National Importance by the Parliament of India. RCB is a part of the Biotech Science Cluster (BSC) and operates in synergy with the other institutions in the Cluster. The Centre conducts multi-disciplinary innovative research and offers opportunities in biotech sciences in the broad areas of: Infectious Disease Biology, Molecular Medicine, Cancer & Cell Biology, Agricultural Biotechnology, Systems & Synthetic Biology, and Structural Biology.

The mandate of RCB is to conduct research and impart education and training in the field of biotechnology. The Centre began functioning at its interim laboratories and offices in Gurgaon, Haryana in early 2010, and moved to its sprawling new campus within the NCR Biotech Science Cluster in the National Capital Region at Faridabad (Haryana) in 2015, where it has been fully functional since. The research, education and training activities of RCB are poised to expand significantly and build on the strong foundations already laid. The Centre has been designed to create opportunities for students to engage in multi-disciplinary research where they learn biotech science while integrating engineering, medicine and science, to provide solutions for human and animal health, agriculture and environmental technologies.

The objectives of the Masters of Clinical Research program are to -

  1. Provide the profession and community with trained qualified Researchers for clinical research.
  2. Provide education through a comprehensive program that promotes problem solving, critical thinking and communication skills in the clinical environment.
  3. Students will demonstrate quality patient care skills including professionalism and ethical behavior as specified in the code of ethics.
  4. Post graduate students with specific skills necessary to be competent at the entry level.


Group Medical Director

 Dr. Sandeep Budhiraja

Executive Vice President, Research and Academics

 Dr. Vinitaa Malhotra Jha

Vice President, ClinicalResearch

 Dr. Navrinder Kaur

Vice President, Clinical Research

 Mr. Rajesh Saxena

Program Manager, Clinical Research

Dr. Navrinder Kaur

Contact Person

Dr. Navrinder Kaur
M:+91 8130 502791

Mr. Jay Prakash Pandey
M:+91 9999 853797


For further details of the program or enrolment procedure contact:

PH: +91 8826600461


How to apply:

All candidates should submit the Master of Clinical Research Program application form in the given format.

Registration Link: