Radial Head Replacement of left elbow

in Max Super Speciality Hospital, Shalimar Bagh

Apr 18 , 2023

A 27-year-old female came to Max Super Speciality Hospital, Shalimar Bagh, with severe pain in her left elbow, massive swelling and inability to use the elbow.

On X-ray of the left elbow AP lateral view, a grossly comminuted fracture radial head was formed. It was again confirmed by a 3-D CT scan of the left elbow. The diagnosis of comminuted fracture at the radius was made, and radial head replacement (uncemented) was planned.

During surgery, there was gross oedema of muscles, and more than 20 pieces of the head radius were removed.

A radial head replacement was done from 2 weeks onward to achieve elbow movements that were started in another five days 0-degree to 95-degree range of motion of the left elbow achieved.