5 Ways To Manage Tempting Food Without Overeating!

By Dr. P.K. Dewan in Bariatric Surgery / Metabolic , Nutrition And Dietetics

Jan 16 , 2017 | 2 min read

Amidst the wide variety of options available for food and beverages today, watching over what to eat and what not to eat has become even more difficult. These temptations can seem the most irresistible, especially when you are on a diet. Dr. P.K. Dewan says, to stick to any kind of lifestyle choice whether it’s regarding diet or exercise, it requires a fair amount of discipline and self-control.

5 helpful ways to manage your temptations without overeating

Here are some 5 helpful ways you can manage your temptations without overeating:

  • Keep a food-tracker

    Keep a food tracker and jot down what you are going to eat each day of the week and how many calories do they add up to. 6 days of the week if you are sticking to a diet of low carbs, lean proteins, and lots of fruits and veggies, you can choose to have that one favorite dessert or snack of your choice on a Sunday. But again, keep in mind to have a small portion and not to pile on calories.

  • Deal with the demotivation

    For any person who is on a diet, demotivating influences can be everywhere. Many a time, managing people’s questions and recommendations regarding your diet get even harder than actually managing tempting foods. For the employed, overeating and binge drinking is very common, especially during office parties. Don’t overlook your diet for that moist pastry or alcoholic beverages and always eat mindfully.

  • Curb emotional eating

    Many individuals gorge on food to soothe their feelings of stress, depression, and insecurity. Never resort to food to satiate your emotional hunger. Seek solace in a confidante or a counselor to sort out your emotional issues. Using food as an outlet to vent will take a toll on you both physically and emotionally at a later stage. Find other ways to combat your feelings of stress and anxiety disorder rather than resorting to emotional eating.

  • Watch what you eat in social gatherings

    Family events, dates, and other social gatherings are the main places where your diet is most likely to get side-tracked. Whenever you have to catch up with family/friends and are pretty sure that there will be a lot of mouth-watering foods, never leave your home hungry. Have a healthy and filling meal prior to the event so that while you are enjoying yourself at the function, you feel fairly full and don’t get overpowered by temptations.

  • Set some rules for yourself

    Making a habit out of not succumbing to tempting foods starts at your home. Keep away all kinds of processed and fatty foods from your kitchen pantry. Your chances of defying your diet are much higher if you have your favorite forbidden foods right in your home.

Ultimately, watching one’s diet and resisting tempting foods require a considerable amount of determination. Follow these 5 simple steps and you will see that, staying true to your diet is just a matter of making the right choices, daily.