First Aid for Trauma - Fractures & Sprains: What to Do And Not to Do

By Medical Expert Team

Mar 07 , 2022 | 1 min read

Medical emergencies come anytime, anywhere. The time between emergency situations & arrival of medical help is critical. The key begins with staying calm & giving first-aid before help arrives. There are some must-know Do’s and Don’ts in the common emergencies.

Trauma - Fractures & Sprains: What is it?

Trauma can lead to fractures & sprains. It is difficult to tell if a bone is broken without an X-ray.

How to recognize Trauma - Fractures & Sprains:?

Suspect fracture or sprain if swelling or redness of injured limb, painful to touch, unable to move the injured part, abnormally bent.

What to Do If Trauma - Fractures & Sprains Occurs?

  • Ensure scene safety
  • Rest & elevate the affected part with cushion
  • Apply ice packs to affected part
  • Immobilize affected part with any hard material, splint or with the opposite limb
  • Seek medical help

Not to Do If Trauma - Fractures & Sprains Occurs

  • Try to deformity
  • Lift or pull the injured part

Alarming Facts Trauma - Fractures & Sprains:

  • There is one death every 4 minutes in India due to road accidents
  • A person suffers a brain stroke, every 4 minutes
  • A person dies every 33 seconds due to heart attack in India

Over 70,000 lives can be potentially saved if bystanders come forward to help

Lend a helping hand with the law by your side

As per the Good Samaritan Law –

  • You will NOT BE LIABLE for any civil or criminal action for any injury or death of the victim
  • If you inform police or emergency service regarding an injured person you CAN NOT BE COMPELLED to reveal your personal details
  • There is provision of DISCIPLINARY ACTION AGAINST public officials who coerce Good Samaritan to reveal personal details

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Medical Expert Team

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