Garbh Sanskar in Pregnancy and Its Benefits

By Dr. Asha Rawal in Obstetrics And Gynaecology

Jul 21 , 2018 | 2 min read

Bonding between The Divine or Divinity or The Unknown Supreme Entity and The Human Race is as ancient as the evolution of The Mankind.

All over the World, in numerous rituals are performed to appease The Divine, especially after the birth of The New Born. Whispering of Sacred Words in new born’s ears, baptism and many more are well known.

But are we aware that the bonding between the Divine and The Un Born starts in the Womb only !!!!. The link to this bonding is Mother and this phenomenon is known as’ Garbh Sanskar.’

Garbh Sanskar is an ancient Indian Spiritual practise prevalent from the Vedic times and is known to help in shaping the Character and personality of the foetus in the womb or Garbh.  Thus essentially, Garbh Sanskar simply translates into ‘educating the mind of the foetus in womb’.

The origin of knowledge and practise of Garbh Sanskar can be traced backed to as far as 400BC which is claimed be the Mahabharata Era. The story of Abhimanyu learning the strategy of breaking into the Chakravyiuh while in the Garbh is well illustrated. Bhakat Prahlad was another example of learning to worship Lord Vishnu in the foetus stage. There are other various vivid examples of this phenomenon of Garbh Sanskar.

For nine months, the developing baby listens to all the outside world sounds. But the strongest bonding of the baby is with its mother’s voice.

Scientific studies have established that from 24 weeks onwards it can hear her heartbeats and her voice and its brain is developed enough  to react  and absorbs mother’s feeling of Joy, happiness, calmness, sadness,  and of course horror too. A restless newborn calms down instantly after hearing mother’s voice and feeling her touch is the result of this bonding.

“Supraja Janan” is the preparation   to embed theses sanskars in the new born and the would be parents need Physical and Spiritual preparedness for the process few months before the conception (Premarital and Preconception counselling).

 powerful sound waves are created by chanting and playing music. It creates a powerful trinity of   biological bonding between The Divine, The Mother and The Unborn.

Gyatari Mantra-to give confidence and enlightenment, Manojavam Marutatulyavegam- prayer to Lord Hanuman for strength and will power, Saraswati Vandan- a prayer to Maa saraswati for learning and intelligence are few of the suggested  chantings. Even if you are not able to chant, just listen to mantras, soothing music and read good books. All this will soothe the baby and prepare you for birthing.