Robotic Thyroidectomy, RABIT procedure: Pioneering Precision in Thyroid Surgery

By Dr. Nitin Leekha in Cancer Care / Oncology

Aug 18 , 2023 | 1 min read


Robotic-Assisted Breast Axillo Insufflation Thyroidectomy (RABIT) is a robotic surgery for removing the thyroid performed through minor incisions using robotic technology. The surgical removal of all or part of the thyroid gland is a common procedure performed to treat various thyroid conditions, including thyroid cancer, Goiter, and hyperthyroidism. With advancements in medical technology, robotic-assisted thyroidectomy has emerged as an innovative and minimally invasive approach to thyroid surgery.

RABIT involves the use of a surgical robot, which is operated by a skilled surgeon using a console. Small incisions are made in the patient's neck to insert the robotic arms equipped with tiny cameras and surgical instruments. The high-definition 3D view provided by the cameras allows the surgeon to navigate with enhanced precision and accuracy during the procedure. The incisions are placed in the axilla and around the breast nipple so that they are not easily visible later on. There is no incision in the neck and hence no visible scar.

The robotic arms offer a wide range of motion and eliminate natural hand tremors, enabling delicate and complex manoeuvres that were previously challenging with traditional open surgeries. This results in reduced trauma to surrounding tissues, lesser post-operative pain, and quicker recovery times for patients.

Furthermore, robotic thyroidectomy offers cosmetic benefits due to the smaller incisions and no visible scar in front of the neck. Patients often experience improved satisfaction with their appearance following the procedure.

Our Team at Max Patparganj routinely offers robotic thyroidectomy to our patients. However, not all patients are candidates for robotic thyroidectomy, as factors like the size and location of thyroid nodules and the patient's medical history play a role in determining the most suitable approach.

In conclusion, robotic thyroidectomy represents a significant advancement in thyroid surgery, bringing together precision, minimally invasive techniques, and improved patient outcomes.