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Undergoing Chemo? Few Tips Can Help You Prepare Well

By Medical Expert Team

Nov 08 , 2020 | 3 min read

The news of cancer can be shattering and can lead the patient and their family and friends into an emotional turmoil. It is one of the hardest times for people who are suffering from cancer, and time may speed up or slow down for them. Doctor’s appointments are made, surgeries are scheduled, and the course of treatment is discussed. It is natural to get overwhelmed and feel like you are bombarded with tons of emotions during the process. You may feel like navigating the road ahead, but, with hope and positive mindset, it is possible to demolish cancer and come out as a winner.

Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy are two essential procedures that are used to root out cancer. Both processes work in synergy with each other, and if one fails, the other one is used. As one of the best cancer hospital in India, Max Institute of Cancer Care provides holistic, integrated care by consolidating views of experts in Surgical Oncology, Medical Oncology and Radiation Oncology. At Max Healthcare, we believe in treating cancer with a combination of Chemotherapy, Radiation Therapy, Surgery and Targeted Therapy.

If you are undergoing Chemotherapy, then here’s how you can get through it and lead a happy and healthy life –

Wear Comfortable Clothing

Chemotherapy is time-consuming and can take anywhere from a couple of hours to eight hours and can even involve overnight stays in the hospital. Keeping this in mind, wearing comfortable clothing will ease the process and your stay at the hospital. Pack loose clothes, because if your procedure requires a chemo port (which is a small device connected to your chest and makes chemotherapy delivery comfortable for the patient), then loose clothing will be of immense help.


Drink as much fluid as you can the night and the morning before infusion. It will be easier for the doctors to find a vein for IV and will help in flushing out the chemo. Remember to drink a lot of fluids like water, juices and more. A glass of juice will not cut it for chemo, and you need more than that for a successful and easy flush out. Drinking at least 10 -12 glasses of water daily will prepare your body for the dehydrating effects of the treatment.

Anti-Nausea Items

Chemotherapy will induce nausea in a patient due to high medicinal content. Try a variety of anti-nausea items like –

  • Pranayam in open air
  • Aroma Therapy
  • Listening to soft music
  • Peppermints
  • Good oral Hygiene habits

However, during the infusion process, doctors will also add a good dose of anti-nausea medicines, depending on the chemotherapy.


It is necessary to distract yourself before, during and after the chemotherapy. Make sure you have enough distractions during the infusion process. Bring your smartphone, music, books, headphones, etc. to keep yourself distracted; it will ease down pain and help you pass the time more efficiently.

Ask Questions

It is normal to be afraid and anxious when undergoing chemotherapy, and it is a unique experience for everyone. If you are confused or unaware of something, make sure you ask your doctor about it.It is always a good way to jot down questions you need to ask as that makes questions more specific and you end up asking all of them.It is good to browse, but in most times you might not get an appropriate answer from Dr Google and moreover the answer might not fit your situation. Ask for a comprehensive answer, and try to remain informed always. If you are concerned about how much you can move during infusion, or how many breaks you can take to the washroom, make sure to ask the nurse in the beginning.

Avoid Infection

Chemotherapy will weaken your immune system, and it can lead to infections if you are not careful. It is best to avoid crowded places and keep yourself safe from infection. Also, try and use hand sanitizer, and avoid touching surfaces that may be unclean.

Establish a Support Network

The news of cancer can be devastating for the patient and people close to them. During and after the process of chemotherapy, it can be especially difficult to cope up with its aftereffects. Setting up a network of family and friends will help you cope up during challenging times, and they can provide you with the required emotional support. Having someone with you during the process can further ease your mind.

There are several avenues for support during chemotherapy, and it can be beneficial to add the points mentioned above. Make sure you are consulting the best cancer hospital in India to improve your chances of a successful treatment further. 

Written and Verified by:

Medical Expert Team

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