When Cancer Runs in your Family?

By Medical Expert Team

Nov 05 , 2018 | 1 min read

Do you have a member with cancer in your family? [Image result for CANCER RUNS IN YOUR FAMILY]

If yes, than u must be worried for your risk of having the same, is ‘it?

Cancer is one disease that touches all of us in one or other way. Yes, cancer happens due to mutations in genes, but it doesn’t mean that it will always be inherited or passed on to other family members. Confused?

Let me explain- there are two types of mutation in genes: genetic and somatic.

Somatic mutations (also called as sporadic mutations) refer to genetic changes only in the tumour and hence, are not passed on to children. These mutations happen by chance; due to lifestyle or due to environmental changes including some infection types eg. HPV infection (responsible for cervical cancer). Check best cancer doctor in Delhi.

It is the genetic mutations that are capable to be passed on from parents to next generation. For example, mutations on the BRACA genes are often passed from parent to child, increasing the risk of breast, ovarian, prostate and pancreatic cancer in several family members. 

There are certain red flags that may suggest that a cancer runs in family:

Family member develops cancer at an early age
Several members in a family have cancer, either same type or rare type
Same member develops multiple primary cancers

It’s important to know if Cancer Runs in your Family because relatives who are at risk but have not been diagnosed may be recommended to have screenings at a younger age—and more frequently—than those without the family history.

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