Paediatric Nephrologist in India

Dr. Vinay K Agarwal

Associate Director - Pediatric Nephrology

Paediatrics (Ped), Paediatric (Ped) Nephrology

Dr. Swati Bhardwaj

Senior Consultant

Paediatric (Ped) Nephrology, Paediatrics (Ped)

Dr. Anup Chaudhari

Senior consultant

Nephrology, Paediatric (Ped) Nephrology, Kidney Transplant

Dr. Harish Pathak

Senior consultant

Kidney Transplant, Nephrology, Paediatric (Ped) Nephrology

Dr. A.S.Vasudev

Senior Consultant

Paediatric (Ped) Nephrology

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Diseases Treated by Paediatric Nephrologist:

Paediatric Nephrologists treat kidney diseases in children. At Max Hospital, we provide treatment for several kidney diseases, including but not limited to-

  • Kidney stones
  • Bladder problem
  • Nephrotic syndrome
  • Reflux nephropathy
  • Renal failure
  • Inherited kidney diseases

Max Hospital is one of the best hospitals in India of Paediatric (Ped) Nephrology, and the doctors mentioned above are among the best Paediatric Nephrologist in India. You can check the consultation fees, timings, and book an Online appointment for OPD/Video Consultation for today, tomorrow or future dates.