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Health And Wellness


The World Health Organization (WHO) defines health as: "a state of complete mental, physical and social well-being and not just the absence of illness, disease or infirmity".

Health and wellness coaching enables you to understand the importance of social, emotional, psychological, and spiritual dimensions of health. It essentially creates a self-directive roadmap driven by the intrinsic motivation to improve your quality of life. You can expect to get a personalised movement plan and learn about nutritional habits. For your overall health improvement, it is essential to understand your relationship with food – what you eat, how you eat, when you eat and who you eat with. The coaching will give you a broader understanding of fitness, obesity, cholesterol, and cardio-vascular health; which will help you to create a personalised exercise progression plan for greater flexibility, endurance and strength. We at Max Healthcare, feel proud to be labelled as one of the best health and wellness hospital that believes that an ideal health is the greatest blessing of life.

When we talk about health, it is not just about a healthy body but also a healthy mind. Good health is a condition where both body and mind are in sync and function properly. Mental stress, lack of exercise, diseases, improper diet and an unhealthy lifestyle, are the major causes of poor physical and psychological health. The benefits of health and wellness are innumerable. When a body is healthy, it is free from various diseases and disorders; thus, offering longer life. Which is why doctors recommend everyone to get a thorough checkup done annually at the nearest health and wellness center to maintain good health. Wellness hospitals usually have a health package that tests for everything – blood, sugar level, heart health and more.

Keeping a tab on health contributes to a healthy life which is free from complications. Furthermore, a body without any complications can perform well in all spheres of life. Be it sports, regular desk job of any other work.

Top Ways to Maintain Health – Good health can be achieved and maintained by various measures. From regular physical exercise to early morning walk, play, balanced diet, proper rest and sleep, all this can be done to keep the body away from becoming prone to diseases. Keeping away from anxieties and unnecessary worries will lead to a healthier mind. Remember, a person  who’s worried and anxious can never stay at rest and enjoy sleep at night. All this proves that good mental and physical health is a priceless possession and one should work hard towards achieving a healthy life. A regular checkup and a consultation with a qualified physician at a health and wellness hospital will ensure good health.  

And last but not the least, ‘Health is Wealth’ highlights the sheer importance of good health in life.

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