Introduction - Max Research Centre

The Office of Research (OOR) at Max Healthcare (MHC) promotes supports and guides our diverse research enterprise. It also acts as a "front door" for new research partnerships. Strong research capabilities and an academic environment have been a priority for Max Healthcare.

Since its inception in 2005, the OOR has had a simple and constant mission: To increase the quality, quantity and efficiency of translating fundamental science advances into improved clinical care for our patients. The OOR has dedicated personnel to support researchers who want to conduct research or clinical trials in terms of operational, administrative, scientific, academic, technology support.

MHC has established a very strong image both nationally and internationally in Research, which includes clinical trials, clinical research studies, and funded grant studies increasing year on year.

Our Vision

The foundation aims to become a National leader in Healthcare Research and Innovation, by contributing to the development of scientific knowledge, reduction of burden of disease, improved healthcare delivery systems and research capability.

Our Mission

  • Develop and conduct original studies
  • Develop clinical centers of research excellence at the partnering Max Hospitals
  • Support the development of specialty research centers
  • Provide the highest quality of Clinical research services for Clinical Trials
  • Develop research related educational programs
  • Usher in a culture of Innovation
  • Develop partnerships for technology and research infrastructure sharing
  • Provide a platform for professional growth of Clinical Faculty
  • Contribute to improving Clinical and health outcomes of patients
  • Identify and study opportunities for cost effective, safe healthcare delivery systems

Chairman's Message

Max Healthcare (MHC) is an institution dedicated ‘To serve, To Excel’ through its commitment to provide world class health care to the community we serve. Our endeavors are aimed to achieve the highest standards of clinical excellence, patient care, medical research and clinical trials and medical education. 

As you are all aware, the advent of SARS COV-2 last year has posed unprecedented and immeasurable medical and clinical challenges to the healthcare community. As a frontrunner medical institution, we pledged to fight this pandemic on multiple levels. Whilst our clinical and paramedical staff have shown incomparable diligence and dedication in serving the healthcare consumers; our scientists and researchers have achieved pioneering leads in collecting, analyzing, publishing and disseminating evidence based cutting edge clinical understanding of this evolving disease. 
MHC not only conducted the first global study on use of HCQ in Covid but also pioneered to lead the clinical trial in use of plasma therapy in India. In the last 12 months, MHC researchers have collaborated on over 80 clinical studies on SARS COV 2 including the high profiled IGIB sero-epidemiological study. 

MHC’s robust academic environment encourages and supports researchers. I applaud the efficient partnerships forged with accomplished national and global institutions like with the Imperial College of London, ICMR, DBT, NIHR, DST and INSA to name a few which have been crucial to the success of our research initiatives. The Bio Bank at the MHC that preserves over 14,000 bio samples maintained under strict cryogenic conditions to enable ongoing and future genetic and epigenetic studies is a testimony of the commitment of our researchers. Our eminent researchers have submitted and published over 400 papers with high impact medical journals in the last year alone across all major specialties. 

I assure our clinicians engaged in research and trials of our continued and unwavering support to create and walk hand in hand on this pathway for achieving clinical excellence

Abhay Soi

Chairman & Managing Director

Dr. Sandeep Budhiraja’s Message

Max Healthcare is one of India’s leading providers of integrated world-class healthcare services committed to the highest standards of clinical excellence and patient care supported by latest technology and cutting-edge research.

Conducting world class research and generating high quality research output is an identified strategic vision of the organization. Our journey continues beyond a decade and a half constantly growing and expanding our portfolio nationally and internationally with many achievements to celebrate and take pride in.

We have established significant collaborations with international and domestic organizations for both research and academics. These partnerships increase our visibility at the global level and showcase our capabilities to strengthen our research portfolio.

OOR strives to provide assistance across complete spectrum of research activities to all our clinicians inclined and engaged in research through grant writing, establishing collaborations, navigating regulatory pathways and publications. We are actively working on expanding our Biobanks, creating Centers of Excellence, setting up more trial facilities and research laboratories. Our endeavor is to bring best in class training courses to sharpen the research capabilities across the board.

Dr. Sandeep Budhiraja

Group Medical & Senior Director

Dr. Vinita Jha's Message

At Max healthcare the office of Research (OOR) is dedicated to strengthening, expanding, guiding and supporting strong culture and capabilities in research and evidence based medicine at Max Healthcare. The OOR provides operational, administrative, scientific, academic and technology support to researchers who wish to conduct clinical research.

Along the journey of the last sixteen years we now have a well-established Clinical Trials Unit, Regulatory office (with committees and accreditation), Biostatistics center, Grants office, Patent unit, Biobank and conduct various educational and training courses.

MHC has built a strong foundation in managing several sponsored clinical trials, collaborative research and investigator led studies in all major therapeutic areas including but not limited to Cardiology, Oncology, Endocrinology, Nephrology, Neurology, Internal Medicine, Critical Care, Minimal Access and Bariatric Surgery, Gastroenterology, CTVS, OBG, Pediatrics, Urology and Liver and Biliary Sciences

We have conducted more than 300 clinical trials, published more than 1300 publications in high indexed, peer reviewed journals, conducted more than 1500 investigator initiated studies and have been recipient of more than 20 grants from prestigious funding agencies including NIHR, MRC and EU since inception. We have initiated and led pioneering nearly 80 studies and clinical trials to further the knowledge of the evolving SARS Cov -2.

In the last year alone we have initiated 88 sponsored drug and device trials in many specialties including oncology, cardiology and nephrology. Our research output includes 418+ new articles across high impact, indexed, peer reviewed journals. And we have secured 11 grants from eminent international and domestic funding agencies for epidemiological, investigator initiated and public health studies.

Dr Vinitaa Malhotra Jha

Executive Vice President – Research & Academics
Clinical Directorate, Max Healthcare

Research at a Glance




Completed Clinical Trials


On-going Clinical Trials



Collaboration & Partnerships with Research Institute

Research Institute (India) 

  1. Indian  Council of Medical Research (ICMR)
  2. Department of Biotechnology (DBT)
  3. Department of Science & Technology (DST)
  4. Indian  National Science Academy
  5. National  liver Disease Biobank
  6. Institute of Genomics and integrative Biology (IGIB)
  7. Amity   University
  8. JamiaHamdard ( Trainee’s)
  9. National  Physical Laboratory
  10. Delhi Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research University

Research Institutes (International)

  1. Imperial College London
  2. Deakin University
  3. Wellcome Trust UK
  4. National Institute of Health Research  (NIHR)

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