7 Essential Foods for Type 2 Diabetic

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Jun 14 , 2016 | 4 min read

We should know that Diabetes is fast gaining status of potential epidemic with more than 62 million diabetic individuals currently diagnosed. Often called as diabetes mellitus, in this the person has high blood glucose sugar either because insulin production is inadequate or because the body’s cells do not respond positively to insulin.

What is Type 2 Diabetes?

Type 2 Diabetes is a chronic condition in which there is impairment in the regulation and use of glucose (sugar) in the body.

What are common consequences of diabetes?

Over time, Diabetes can damage the heart, blood vessels, eyes, kidneys, and nerves.

  • Diabetes increases the risk of heart attack and stroke. In a multinational study, 50% of people with diabetes die of cardiovascular disease (primarily heart disease and stroke).
  • Combined with reduced blood flow, neuropathy (nerve damage) in the feet increases the chance of foot ulcers, infection and eventual need for limb amputation.
  • Diabetic retinopathy is an important cause of blindness, and occurs as a result of long-term accumulated damage to the small blood vessels in the retina.
  • It has been observed in diabetic patients that wounds do not heal easily and this can lead to diabetic foot ulcers. Diabetic foot ulcer treatment should be done by consulting a doctor as soon as possible.

What to Eat?

If you have been informed that you are at a risk of developing type 2 diabetes or you are already diagnosed with this condition, it is time that you tackle this situation through your own plan. Making smart food decisions will not only help you in diabetes but will also help in controlling your blood sugar control. Read what foods must be added in a type 2 diabetes diet that can help rather than simply avoiding.

Apple Cider Vinegar

You must know that Type 2 diabetes is recognized by high blood sugar, which is a major cause of ageing and chronic diseases. However, consuming vinegar can lower blood glucose levels and improve insulin sensitivity significantly. Taking 2 tablespoons of vinegar before bedtime can reduce fasting blood sugars.

Green Tea

The active ingredient in green tea-“Polyphenols” helps in preventing and managing type 2 diabetes. The fruits that are highest in polyphenols are grapes, berries, pomegranates and apples. The green tea drinkers have a lower risk of developing diabetes and proves to be one of the worst foods for type 2 diabetes.

Dark Chocolate

It is true that sugar coated chocolate is the last thing you should be consuming but a high quality dark chocolate has health benefits that cannot be ignored. A square/small piece of dark chocolate is enough to satisfy your sweet tooth and is satisfactory to include in a diabetic diet.


They are healthy, low carbohydrates fats plus magnesium that are highly beneficial in reducing the risk of developing diabetes. It is recommended to include magnesium rich foods like spinach, pumpkin seeds in your diet to significantly improve insulin response and reduce your blood sugar levels.


It is believed that low fat yoghurt contains high quality carbohydrates and protein that prevents an unhealthy rise in blood sugar. A diet that is rich in calcium and other calcium related foods reduces the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. 

Egg Whites

They are a perfect food for preventing the risk of developing type 2 diabetes as they contain low carbohydrates but are a rich source in high quality protein.  One large egg white is beneficial for controlling blood sugar as well as reducing weight.

Non Starchy Vegetables

Veggies like broccoli, peppers, spinach, mushrooms should be an integral part of your diabetes food plan as it is an ideal source of carbohydrates that are will keep your blood sugar in control.

What foods to avoid with type 2 diabetes?
Nutritionists and healthcare experts at top diet and diabetic hospital recommend patients with diabetes avoid the following foods:

Sugar-sweetened beverages: These beverages comprise high amounts of carbs and fructose. This leads to insulin resistance and an increased risk of obesity and fatty liver.

Sweetened breakfast cereals: These breakfast cereals comprise low protein and high carbohydrate content. This is applicable even to cereals that consist of granola and grapenuts. Such breakfast options can be replaced with high protein and low-carbohydrate foods.

White bread, pasta, and rice: These foods are highly processed and comprise high amounts of carbohydrates which makes them one of the worst foods for type 2 diabetes.

Fruit flavored yogurt: This amazing food consists of low fat milk combined with carbs and sugar.

Flavored coffee drinks: When compared to a healthy coffee, flavoured coffee acts as a dessert. The former drinks are high in liquid carbs that do not satisfy hunger but instead increase the blood sugar levels in the body.
Honey and maple syrup: Both honey and maple syrup consist of a similar amount of carbs as white sugar. This makes these sweeteners spike blood sugar levels in the body. Therefore, a diabetic patient must skip these foods to avoid with type 2 diabetes.

Packaged snack foods: These food items are one of the worst foods for type 2 diabetes patients. Some of the packaged snack foods that diabetic patients must avoid include saltine crackers, pretzels, and graham crackers.

How can Max Healthcare help you?

We, at Max Healthcare, comprise the required professionals that have gained significant years of experience to offer diabetic patients a customized diet that serves them with the necessary nutrition to deal with their respective conditions. Not only this, we, as a diet and diabetic hospital, also offer guidance on cooking methods and the number of meals to be consumed.

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