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Beware: Season Change Can Cause Serious Allergies

By Dr. Vinita Jain in Paediatrics (Ped)

Jul 25 , 2016 | 2 min read

Who is to blame for severe headaches, joint pains, and other achy issues? We all know that it is the weather, which is taking a toll on your health and making you more vulnerable. It has been observed that the people sneeze more often during spring time when there is a lot of pollen floating around in the air. More importantly, people who are allergic to pollen often find it difficult to breathe, develop skin rashes, which might be difficult to resolve.  

According to Dr. Vinita Jain, the seasonal changes cause a number of allergies and innumerable diseases like asthma, nasal allergies, bronchitis and several others. The pollens carried in the wind get embedded in the nose, lungs and eyes, leading to histamine release and further to deadly diseases. It is important to reiterate that due to shorter height of children and dense nature of particulate matter, children are worse affected. Below mentioned are few allergies that you may have to ponder on.

a) Nasal allergies: These can be witnessed in the form of running nose, itchy nose with or without postnansal drip, continuous sneezing and persistent cough. Though these conditions may require or little or no treatment at all and can be treated with home remedies. For instance, a nasal saline spray helps in relieving an itchy nose, but if the symptoms are bothering the child then a decongestant or antihistaminic can be given (Avoid giving antibiotics).

b) Spring catarrh or Allergic conjunctivitis : This is most commonly seen in both eyes as a red non-sticky patch causing irritation and watery discharge. You can use cool compresses and saline eyedrops.  

c) Allergic Asthma: Asthma can be severe and may require serious intervention. If your kid is prone to asthma attacks, ensure that the outdoor activities are restricted.  It is advisable to keep your surrounding clean and consult the doctor for early medication and preventive therapy.

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In addition to the above, the other most common infections that are prevalent during spring and can a patient and a clinician baffled are:

a) Hand Foot and Mouth disease: This disease usually affects children less than 5 yrs. The most common symptoms observed are fever, mouth sores and a skin rash (water filled blisters on hands and feet).  It is a self treatable illness and does not require use of antibiotics; however it can be highly contagious if ignored. It is preferred to avoid infected school and public  places.

b) Measles, Mumps and Chickenpox: The classic clinical presentation of fever, coryza, followed by rash may or may not present especially in immunised children. Rashes may be the only presentation especially in chickenpox and measles.  It is important to take MMR and chickenpox vaccines before the onset of spring in children above 1 year of age. 

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