By Dr. Bharat Aggarwal in Radiology

Dec 31 , 2018 | 1 min read

What is BoneXpert:

BoneXpert is a type of softwarewhich helps in determining a child’s skeletal maturation,which is the measurement of bone age taken from a child's hand X-ray; that helps in conveying an accurate and standardizedreading unlike the standardmanual rating with its substantial reader variability. Majority of pediatric clinics incorporate this tool flawlessly in their workflow for adult height prediction, better diagnosis, and incorporation of better treatmentoptions. TheBoneXpert has been formalized on normal children and children who are diagnosed with the typical type of pediatric endocrinology disorder.

Bone age is an explanation of skeletal maturity, which is typically based on radiographs of the left hand and wrist that helps in providing a piece of useful information in different clinical settings. It may be possible that a child’s bone age may or may not imprecise his or her chronological age. Chronological age of an individual or child can be calculated in days, months and years from the time the individual or child was born, it is frequently used in psychometrics.

BoneXpert is worthwhile from day one. It also releases the doctors from the tedious job such as manual rating and allows the doctor to spend more time onthe patient care.


  • It has adequate accuracy, precision, efficiency and higher objectivity of the exam
  • It can also recognize patients who have abnormally thin bones for additional follow-up for suspected low bone mineral density
  • These analysis can be also used to give the most accurate prediction of the expected adult height and timing of the pubertal growth spurt
  • It is time-saving for doctors and is used efficiently in clinics.

The outcome of the BoneXpert analysis will be:

  • Bone age according to the Greulich and Pyle (GP) method. The GP method is an atlas method in which bone age is judged by differentiating the radiograph of the patient with the closest standard radiograph in the atlas.
  • Standard deviation score, expressing how many standard deviations the child’s GP bone age is above or below the mean for age-matched normal children*
  • Bone age according to the Tanner-Whitehouse-2 and 3 method which is optional
  • Prediction of the child’s adult height is very important in pediatric endocrinology and important source of error is the lack of ability to forecast the timing of the pubertal growth spurt.
  • BoneXpert performed excellently (SD, 0.17 years; 95% CI, 0.15 to 0.19)

* Measurement of the child’s bone thickness, expressing the bone health