Dental health during Corona times

By Dr. Smriti Bouri in Covid-19

May 26 , 2020 | 1 min read

Routine dental checkups and ongoing treatments maybe withheld for a while due to pandemic therefore one has to be prudent and should be aware about the importance of oral health and personal care.

Here are some of my recommendations for practicing good dental hygiene:

  • Brushing twice daily (post meal and should not be neglected at night). Flossing should be done regularly
  • Warm saline mouthwash (1 cup water + ½ tablespoon salt) twice a day and if any discomfort persists, add chlorhexidine mouthwash too
  • Avoid sweet food and keep the diet junk free. Include nutritious detergent foods
  • Mind the hard crunchy food stuff which can prove detrimental to existing fillings and untreated cavities as it can result in fracture of the same and an uncalled emergency
  • Generalised sensitivity of the teeth is mostly caused by acid reflux due to incorrect meal timings or even anxiety levels. Therefore, follow a good routine by doing oil pulling and indulging in yoga and pranayama to keep your wits about yourself
  • For vulnerable patients with preexisting issues like Diabetes and Cardiac ailments, please follow the drug prescription as advised by the physician. Tweaking without doctor’s knowledge can have an enormous cascading effect on the oral cavity. Blood sugar levels can get disrupted and incorrect dosage of cardiac medicines can result in dental infection too. So please do not take any chances

Emergencies requiring immediate dental attention:

  • Severe dental pain due to pulpal inflammation
  • Third molar pain (wisdom tooth)
  • Abcess or localized bacterial infection
  • Tooth fracture
  • Dental trauma
  • Loss of filling causing gum irritation
  • Replacement of root canal dressing
  • Broken orthodontic wire causing ulceration