Type 2 Diabetes - A Quick Guide

By Dr. Neeru Gera in Endocrinology & Diabetes

Dec 05 , 2023 | 1 min read

India is seeing an explosive rise in the number of people with diabetes, especially type 2 diabetes. One in five adults in a general medical OPD has diabetes. 80 % of the general public does not know the risk factors for diabetes. Nearly half of the population in India remains undiagnosed with diabetes. These are some of the hard facts. But then, what is the concern? Why is IDF this year focused on "know your risk - know your response"?

The basic thought is to catch prediabetes or type 2 diabetes early. Diabetes, if it remains undiagnosed, hence untreated for years, can cause blindness, kidney failure, severely damaged nerves and blockage of arteries supplying the heart/brain/ limbs. Globally, 2 in 3 people already have diabetes-related complications.

Targeting the at-risk population for early screening of diabetes allows appropriate diagnosis and treatment much ahead of time. This prevents them from getting diabetic complications in later life and ensures a good quality of life.

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People with the following risk factors should be screened for diabetes periodically:

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Ultimately, prevention is the key to good health. If each of us adopts a healthy lifestyle approach- eating a nutritionally balanced diet with portion control, regulated meal timings, regular exercise, body weight and stress management one can prevent many lifestyle-related medical disorders, including type 2 diabetes.