Know about an Advanced Procedure- “Airway Stenting”

By Dr. Inder Mohan Chugh in Pulmonology

Dec 06 , 2017 | 1 min read

Department of Interventional Pulmonology at Max Hospital, Shalimar Bagh, has become one of the few centres in North India to offer the facility of airway stenting.  The team successfully announces the deployment of Metallic Tracheal stents in 2 patients with metastatic carcinoma oesophagus with trachea-oesophageal fistula (TEF).

Dr. Inder Mohan Chugh, Associate Director, Max Super Specialty, Shalimar Bagh, said that both the patients, who came to him, presented them with continuous coughing while eating food. They already had oesophagal metallic stents in situ. So, flexible Bronchoscopy was done, which revealed TEF with the oesophagal stent visible through the tracheal lumen. 

How was the procedure done?

A self-expanding fully covered metallic tracheal stent was placed using flexible bronchoscopy (under conscious sedation), which sealed the fistulous communication successfully and prevented the development of aspiration pneumonia.

Are there any Pre-Procedure Precautions?

Extensive pre-procedure planning, accurate measurements for appropriate stent sizing and correct patient selection are absolutely essential for the successful deployment of these airway stents. These are strictly used for palliation of symptoms in patients with limited survival.  

Distal tip of the metallic stent kept proximal to carina to prevent irritation and coughing