Covid 19 pandemic has forced scenarios

By Megha Sharma in Clinical Psychology

Aug 02 , 2021 | 1 min read

Covid 19 pandemic has forced scenarios where we are trapped in a house with the same person. We might be having the best of relationships but still spending time with the same faces for such a prolonged period of time may be emotionally overwhelming. Let's look at some ways of handling our situations better.

  1. Stick to your work schedule- have fixed start and end times, have fixed time to spend with partners and children.
  2. Stay connected - do video calls with friends and family with your partner, join together in support groups. Try to broaden your support system.
  3. Listen- try to listen to what others are saying and try to understand it and focus on their needs at that moment. Try paraphrasing to check if you have understood.
  4. Recognizing unhealthy relationships- harmful relationships can make us unhappy; recognizing it can help us to move forward and find solutions.
  5. Beware of substance use and abuse- increased uncertainties can sometimes lead to an increased and impulsive use of substance which may have undesired consequences. It is beneficial to keep the intake in check by recording it if necessary.